On location at Buenos Aires protest

In case you missed it, NMT is on location in Buenos Aires! Marie is in the thick of the protests, but without her laptop/Photoshop. She writes:

Thank you for supplying the graphic! Yes, that is exactly what I saw. The banner was very very long, and the procession at that point was quite solemn.

The protests are still going on today. The grandmothers are back home, but the young people are becoming more militant and the police are everywhere — waiting patiently it seems. Today they were wearing riot helmets and carrying 4-ft-long wooden batons.

The protesters carry huge banners and walk down narrow streets pounding drums and yelling, while the other marchers jump up and down pumping their fists and singing “OLE, OLE, OLE, OLAH.” The police follow them and block off busy streets until the marchers pass. Such cooperation! And more exciting than watching the Boca Juniors, Maradona´s former team, play futbol.

I am supposed to go look at waterfalls, and check out calving glaciers, but this is way more intriguing to me!

And, Tony, I would definitely rather get soaked than zapped. I just hope they don´t zap and spray at the same time, or we will all be electrocuted!

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