Big Dems don’t want another McGovern

Superdelegates were conceived to avoid the problem which George McGovern presented as the popular democratic nominee for the 1972 election. Power to the people my ass. As an icon, this graphic says blank-faced joe has his toes stepped on.Without political guidance, the hoi palloi delegates selected a candidate, the best ever really, who promptly lost to Richard Nixon in a landslide. Since then the party has appointed superdelegates to temper future wayward exuberance. Perhaps the Democrat heavyweights who threw some of their fund-raising clout around –to suggest that the 2008 nomination be left to the appropriate authorities– are worried that Obama looks to be a similarly naive choice.

As indignant as the reaction has been to the apparently undemocratic influencial Democrats who sent the letter to Pelosi, why do the big donors go unmentioned by the news outlets? Capital Eye calculated their cumulative throwing weight at 24 million dollars in donations. They are, in dollar order, from 10M to 80K:
  Haim & Cheryl Saban
    Bernard L & Irene Schwartz
      Robert L. Johnson
        Mark & Susie Tompkins Buell
          Steve & Maureen White Rattner
            Jay T. & Tracy M. Snyder
              Alan J. & Susan Patricof
                Hassan & Sheila Nemazee
                  James R. & Mary K. Pritzker
                    Stanley S. & Sydney R. Shuman
                      Marc & Cathy Lasry
                        Pradeep R. & Amy J. Rao
                          Sim & Debra S. Farar
                            Clarence A. & Jacqueline A. Avant
                              Lynn Forester de Rothschild
                                Christopher G. & Irene Korge
                                  Mark A. & Judith M. Aronchick

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