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Futbol or Football, it’s all about us

Americans already have a “football” and so come into conflict with a majority of the world when our television broadcasters have to say “soccer” and assuage the confusion of US viewers when confronted by everyone else’s “football.” And ironic too, … Continue reading

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BBC: Vuvuzelas banned at many FutBol matches…

“Because they might be considered a WEAPON” And aside from that racist gratuitous raising of the Terrorist Specter out of its uneasy grave, there’s the notion that it would make it where the people wouldn’t hear public service safety messages. … Continue reading

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Soccer offsides rule is agreement not to score behind your opponent’s back

The US pretends the International Criminal Court doesn’t have jurisdiction over its war crimes, and thinks the same immunity should shield us from FIFA referees I guess.   The USA-Algeria match today was hard fought, admittedly team USA displayed an … Continue reading

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Down to sports, empires are tribal

American World Cup viewers tuning in to watch their team face England on Saturday might be excused confusion about their adversary’s flag. Instead of the British Union Jack, English fans waved a red and white standard usually only glimpsed in … Continue reading

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Eritrean footballers “abscond” in Kenya

The Eritrean Government denies that Eritrean refugees in Kenya are fleeing repression. But then, this is the THIRD national football team they’ve had gone missing. Maybe they’re just partying and laying around drunk in a Nairobi hotel.

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