Palin kisses McCain’s toads

Frog kissing princessWhat can one say about the Conservative American’s ideas about what actually constitutes foreign policy expertise? These Republican Conservatives generally can’t locate (unless they have been in the military) any country other than their own on a foreign map and think that McCain is the Big Guy to go to for ‘leadership’! In short, they think that the former US bomber pilot knows more than poor AlaObama does about what to do in the world at large! Kind of pathetic really, to put it lightly.

So this week, McCain had his pig princess kiss his favorite two world toads to get her sweet lipstick on them. I’m talking about Sarah does Uribe and Saakashvili now, leaders of the Enslaved World. A Tutorial from Uribe- Palin at the UN by NIKOLAS KOZLOFF talks about it some.

John is more a pimp for the pig princess slut than anything other! I guess he wanted his gun toting bitch to know how to do death squads the Colombian Way?

What a sweet Republicain pair the two do make. They would be the perfect pair to head up the American State, don’t you think?!!! I’m leaning toward voting John McCain.

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