Zebulon Pike was an Illegal Alien (In the No Hater Zone)

posted this on Craigslist… Date: 2008-05-25, 1:31AM MDT

Just to remind people, since the Old Colorado City Territory Days celebration of colonialism and Imperialism is going on…

Young Lieutenant Pike, and his merry crew of saboteurs, spies and setup crew for the eventual Yanqui invasion, came to Colorado when it was SPANISH territory. Not that the Spanish had actually asked permission when they took over, but hey, according to the “Well, Illegal Immigration is against the Law, so the Immigrants are Felons” argument should apply equally, yes?

Pike and his crew encountered troops (the Spanish version of I.C.E., Da Fuzz, cops, whatever, but they had at least paper title to be here, and Pike didn’t) and did what any Honest, True, Red Blooded American Officer and Gentleman would do… he lied his ass off.

Said he was lost. Never mind the surveying equipments, wagonload of freshly drawn and annotated MAPS, and Native guides who knew damned well which invading force was occupying the Springs at the time. Heavens no, it’s not like a Mapping Expedition (into a foreign country no less) could possibly know where in Hell they’re located.

I wrote this just to remind all you sissy ass, titty baby fearful wannabe terrorists who have been crying and bitching and snivelling about somebody actually having a darker complexion or speaking with an accent, or in a different language, actually sharing YOUR personal universe, of which, no doubt, you racist Hate Freaks own every cubic inch…

To remind you that your own titty-baby whining arguments can be used against you as well.

If you want to live in America, learn the damn language… in this area the languages are Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Lakota, Uintah and Athapascan (Apache and Navajo), and those are just the largest language groups.

You freaks who want to impose “English ONLY” are also insisting that we of the Native Persuasion not be allowed to speak OUR languages, and even in our own homes.

Your leaders actually do say exactly that. Because (so they claim) speaking in a non-English “foreign” language like Cherokee would “hold the children back when they go to school and later when they join the Slave Labor Forces”

I should clarify that, Cherokee isn’t actually a language, it’s a dialect of Muskogeean.

Those of you who cry and snivel the longest and most fervently about “wetbacks” not speaking English well, (I’ve noticed) don’t bother to learn to actually read and write or even speak English FLUENTLY yourselves… and it’s the only language you ever learned.

I realize that you sissies will spend hours of your time debating a phantom issue, you’re very good at that game. I’m personally not going to even read your insignificant ignorant replies to this post. You’ll be screaming (figuratively speaking), Ranting, insulting, calling me a LiberalIntellectualCommiePinkoNiggerLovingFagJewBoy or whatever, and either challenging me to a fist fight (I would win) or threatening to kill me and my entire family.

I’m used to such childish threats and tantrums.

Get over it.

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3 thoughts on “Zebulon Pike was an Illegal Alien (In the No Hater Zone)

  1. Interesting, how the self-proclaimed “no-hater’s” and pro-illegal alien types are quick to throw inflammatory comments about those in opposition to the invasion of our borders.

    They are not immigrants. To call them immigrants, is propaganda.

    To use correct legal terminology and call them, “aliens”, who have breached our border each year, “illegally”, by the millions, does not make someone a racist.

    Being called a racist, however, does make someone like me think the politically correct types have their head shoved firmly up their ass . . and it’s difficult to understand why they are at war with reason.

    I can only surmise, they too, are brainwashed or corrupt as much as the political right cousins they love to hate. Both are programmed to be smear puppets for the corporate motives and politics that want the slave labor and voting block of illegal aliens.

    Uh, okay, minor note, I’m responsible for slavery too . . I did it, before I was born, and before my ancestors immigrated to America. Even though my ancestors arrived here post-civil war and never owned a slave, or wanted to — I did it.

    The politically correct never look in the mirror. If they did, they would see the Nazi in themselves. Instead, we have to listen to their litany of insults from the kangaroo court of hypocricy as they argue the case for illegal aliens, with the absurdity of their accusations even including the genocide of Indians.


  2. Nanny, nanny boo-boo
    stick your head in doo-doo…

    The immigrants and even those who have been here for centuries or even millennia before the English Only crowd aren’t the ones threatening to shoot Americans if we don’t show our papers quickly enough.

    That would be The Minutemen and their Nazi brethren the ICE.

  3. Haters, lovers? I love my cat and I hate cat disease. But this is election year – so all of us must divide to extremes as usual – only later to ask about middle grounds or savor more numbers than a two-party vote, deciding if the left or right eye should prevail, and sniff for Good and Evil – bouncing the word hypocrisy on all things that can’t fit within infantile pegholes.

    If we’re not stardust – we’re all lovers/haters in our memory’s racism, heritage, and defenses.

    but let’s not quibble about who speaks better or who’s on first. i also give silence a lot of credit while words aren’t always so worthy.

    our true global native tongue is a grunt and a gasp. a warm coat makes snoring our secondary language – and probably our most expressive.

    The labels tokenize each other for the cannabalism. Like a Warhol soupcan and xeroxes of Marilyn.

    back to the topic…

    lovely stars at night. (i think i’ll put a flag on them, or maybe just a copyright and patent.)

    the lady who wrote america the beautiful at pikes peak was praising nature as if it came with flags on it. look at pikes peak now: whored to the masses – a tinsel mountain for exhaust pipes looking for a view…. the statue of liberty with rodents in open view so we can all experience that which is driven to extinction.

    pikes peak is not a mountain – it’s a museum.

    beware of tourists everywhere – at heart they are strip-miners.

    yes, hooray for the best of America – no point in writing about what is not broken though. but if you want some patriotism – protect walmart from harm.

    i need something cheap and i want to make it cheaper. walmart is the answer – forever more for less and less for more. secret wet dream of every capitalist.

    with all the asphalt heading up pikes peak – it’s a damned shame to waste the shopping potential. i urge colorado springs to avert the wastage and bribe walmart to open a new location at top. the parking lot is ready – and so is the economy.

    The more I think about this – the more I like it. If Walmart was a-top, I’d bet those damned roads would be clear and open in the winter. Too much snow? Change the (o)zoning laws and get global warming to assist. Those SUVs heading to ski Bambi (for the kids, for the kids) are eager and ready to go.

    back to language – walmart also supports our best monosyllabic understandings too. buy. bye. save time. no time. come back again.

    sadly – the lesson of pikes peak is quite simple: beware of high altitudes when composing.

    …and whatever to good english, jonah. you’re often a breath of fresh air. thanks.

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