Pro-militarism Gazette puff pieces have helped endanger GI lives

The Colorado Springs Gazette is always promoting military contractors and pushing for more warfare to keep that weapons industry moving, and has done this hiding behind the great pretense that they supposedly only care about American troops. That’s their big lie and many readers fall for it.

But let us look for a moment at KBR, one of those war profiteers that The Gazette has done puff pieces in their paper for previously in the not so distant past. KBR is in the press now once again for their company policy of having deliberately exposed American soldiers to toxic chemicals that are deadly fatal. See The Boston Globes recent article titled Witnesses link chemical to ill US soldiers

So cut back to The Gazette’s puff piece for KBR titled WORKING FAR FROM HOME By the way, KBR is actually the name of Halliburton these days, the company Dick Cheney came from. Notice how The Gazette puffed for these guys in 2001 like they were God’s gift to America. We in Colorado Springs need to expose the lying propaganda of The Gazette, and point out how it helped expose American soldiers to deadly poisons. What a sorry ass newspaper!

1 thought on “Pro-militarism Gazette puff pieces have helped endanger GI lives

  1. They’ve got salespeople at the supermarket (did yesterday at least) once again… Begging people to buy their .. I was going to say toilet paper but there’s an underground paper in town with that exact title.

    They’re getting desperate. The only Establishment Paper in town and still not selling well enough. Used to be they would have their Subscription Drive every 3 or 4 months or so, now it seems like every other week.

    Might not be that often, but seems like it.

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