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Silly warmongers, space is for kids

Once again the Colorado Springs peace community has the unique opportunity to protest the annual Space Symposium hosted at the Broadmoor. First, the event provides unparalleled access to the upper echelons of the US military industrial for-profit killing machine. And … Continue reading

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Raytheon makes most popular US export

A middle aged tourist whom I met in Costa Rica told me that he was an engineer for Raytheon. He was anticipating cutbacks like everyone else facing the economic climate, but he really hoped that lawmakers would come to their … Continue reading

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US ally, Thailand, helping spread Pentagon torture wave against Muslims

Thailand has long been a US government ally, and one that has ‘serviced’ US military personnel with its women for decades now. The Thai government is fully on board the US military reign of State Terrorism abroad, with its own … Continue reading

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McCain’s Colombian photo op

While Obama was in Colorado Springs conservatively trying to do nothing that would upset anybody, McCain took the Right Wing offensive on tour to Colombia, where the US and Colombian governments set up his press photo op moment for him. … Continue reading

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