R68 training sessions, Saturday Aug 23

There will be a series of trainings to prepare demonstrators for the events of the DNC week. Trainings are as scheduled Saturday, August 23, starting at noon, in two sessions, 12-3pm and 3-6pm, at Lincoln Park in front of the State Capitol in Denver.


12pm – 1pm
Training Area 1
Health & Safety for Activists (Colorado Street Medics)

Training Area 2
Non-Technical Blockades (Re-create 68 Alliance)

1pm – 2pm
Training Area 1
Logistics Training (Unconventional Denver)

Training Area 2
Self-Defense for Protesters (Gumm Mixed Martial Arts)

2pm – 3pm
Training Area 1
Know Your Rights (People’s Law Project)

Training Area 2
Drumming for Demos (The Back Bone Campaign)

The above lessons, repeated in the 3, 4 & 5 time slots:

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