Bush sicks Georgia onto Russia and the Democrats tag along

donkeyWe are not seeing much protest against the joint Georgia-US-governments’ game in South Ossetia from the American liberal community, because DP voting liberals sense that the political party they continue to follow like sheep, The Democratic Party, is tagging along behind the Neocon game plan, enabling it to continue and multiply its negative results to peace worldwide.

Obama is as quiet as a church mouse about how Georgia began the hostilities by bombarding civilians in South Ossetia. He’s an imperialist behind NATO aggression, every bit as much as Dick Cheney’s troops are. You won’t hear Obama contradicting the crap coming out of DC from Dubya Bush that declares Russia supposedly initiated this conflict.

It is hard to get away from the reality though, that Georgia began this conflict by murdering several thousand innocent civilians and causing thousands of others to become refugees from their homes. It was an effort by the Georgia government to ethnically cleanse a troubling region for themselves. Washington now wants to spin their war effort in another manner altogether, and the Democratic Party aligned liberal intellectuals are mute. The blame game has them attacking Russia instead of owning up to what they, the US government, authorized the Georgian government to do.

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1 Response to Bush sicks Georgia onto Russia and the Democrats tag along

  1. Avatar John Hatch says:

    As usual, American hypocrisy is stunning. It was America and Israel (who supplied training and ‘advisors’ ) who were behind the attacks on South Ossetia in which civilians were targeted. The US ‘owns’ Georgia. The US has been encircling Russia with bases and missles. The US is playing Russian Roulette. America thinks it can invade Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Iraq etc and that’s fine, but if Russia responds to a direct provocation, well that’s an outrage. America, and not just under Bush, is insane. It counts on the greed, stupidity, and malevelonce of its own citizens to carry out its madness, and is never disappointed.

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