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Gun Fu vs Kung Fu, Martial Arts v Martial Law

And why Kung Fu or any other martial art comes out ahead.
If you pick any one thing that’s external to you, something that’s not built into your body and mind as your means of self defense, you set up a cycle of dependence. With knives, staves, swords, and such it’s the same story, only not as quick. With those you have to be trained to get enough proficiency to kill somebody. And the training actually makes you more proficient at fighting without reliance on the object.
The Gun gives you a feeling of helplessness under a veneer of a power rush, you start to consider how it gives you one simple power, to kill. Not to defend, to kill. You begin to think of it as your only means of resolving great conflicts, then, quickly, as you descend into the mental Hell of slavery to an object, as your only means of resolving ANY conflicts. The Gun does your thinking for you, only, it’s stupid. Literally without intellect.
And why did you buy the Gun in the first place? Because you felt so afraid and inferior. “Self Defense” is the number one claim for “Why do you keep or carry a gun?”
And, admit it, at least to yourself, YOU asked yourself that question. If you NEED Mr. Gun to defend yourself, what then will you do if you don’t have Mr. Gun handy and something goes down?
Most intentional homicides aren’t done in self defense. The vast majority of unintended homicides are pure accidents, accidents happen all the time.
I moved my bed last night and dropped the frame onto my foot. People die in swimming accidents, in fact Gun Fanatics like to point that out. A LOT.
I’ll go out on a stacistical limb here and suggest that probably most of the people who drowned last year weren’t actually carrying a swimming pool around in their pockets nor were they basing their entire self defense or conflict resolution plans on being able to pull a swiming pool on somebody.
Putting a gun in your hands, your car or your pocket (let’s get the word-play out of the way here, a holster IS a pocket specially designed to hold only one thing)
Being so afraid that you believe a gun is the only thing that can save your life, makes it more likely that you’ll believe your life is in constant danger and more likely to try to stave off that danger through the use of The Gun. Likewise depending on Armies, a million or so guns, not even in YOUR hands, to “defend” you or more accurately, to force people in other countries to negotiate business deals on YOUR terms and against the best interests of Their People. Think not? Consider this:

In Red China everybody is a de-facto member of the military either of the regular army or the militia. The admittedly Right Wing American estimate is that China has the ability to field two hundred million people within a day. Same in North Korea but with a lower number. Same in Iraq before the invasion.

Beijing is scared white of their own people, but not the ones who carry arms everywhere everyday. They’re scared of a Martial Arts religion, the current one being Falun Gong. A “Confucian” cult, Confucius being the European name of (I’ll draw the simplest line here) Kung Fu Tse.
Other Kung Fu religious groups include The Fists of Harmonious Righteousness, aka The Boxers. Who almost took down not only the (fire)armed Imperial troops but also the Germans, French, Portuguese, English and Americans whose armies had “Negotiated” a permanent presence in China, much like our “permanent” presence in the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent and Persian Gulf.

Simple Score Card For People With ADHD: Euro-American and Imperial troops = Armed with guns.
Boxers = Not Armed With Guns.

The Boxers lost that round. Not forever though.
The John Birch Society says and might be entirely accurate on this one point, the Communist government coopted a people’s revolution.

But the people are there, and now have that government scared of people who do exercises in the parks.

The Heavily Armed government.

Chuck Norris, Non-Warrior Warmonger, Actor, Racist, Video Gamer

“There are 10 million people in Worlds of Warcraft…
But only because Chuck Norris chooses to let them live!”
Plays a soldier, a cop. etc.. in the movies, but not in real life. In real life he’s a probation officer for non-violent offenders in Wise Co, TX and even then has to have a REAL cop accompany him.
Here’s your walker, Texas “ranger”.
It’s yet another offering for Christmas gifts.
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Peace.

I can’t help, you know, remembering that Jesus got three presents, when he was according to the Gospel of Luke over a year old, and Joseph used them as essentially bus fare outta town two steps ahead of the sheriff. When he and other Dominionist “leaders” get together to blaspheme against God, call the president of the U.S. a nigger, plan the wholesale enslavement of regions of the world, I wonder how they can stand being on the same stage with each other. There are several of these “leaders” who believe that Martial Arts is a gateway to Satanism. Or claim they do. What would hold such a group together to the point that they would share a stage while in other settings would be calling each other Hell-spawn?

My guess is: Pure Hatred.

Krav Maga is martial art of war crime

Commando Krav MagaI recently overheard a karate instructor mention an Israeli hand-to-hand fighting technique called Krav Maga being adopted by paramilitary forces worldwide, which of course excites the youngsters. So I looked it up. Speaking for social justice bloggers everywhere, I have to admit, Israel is just a gift that keeps on giving!
Exhibit 1: online images of Krav Maga fighters are color coded to show which is the attacker.

Perhaps because this fighting style is a reality based training method.

Exhibit 2: Krav Maga teaches discipline like the Asian martial art traditions, but does not assume a pretense of honorable conduct. Its rules are: no rules and no restraint. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

From descriptions of its ethics, I found it hard to distinguish Krav Maga from bar brawling. To judge by some online disclaimers appended to the principles of Krav Maga, of few webmasters may have become uncomfortable with the similarity they bore with the IDF’s code of conduct in Gaza.

Here, for example, are its basic principles:

        * You’re not going to care how much damage you’re going to cause.
        * Cause as much damage as possible and run.
        * Do not try to prolong a fight. Do what needs to be done and escape.

Expressed in more formal terms:

        * Do not get hurt
        * Neutralize your attacker as fast as possible
        * Go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible
        * Use the body’s natural reflexes
        * Strike at any vulnerable point
        * Use any tool or object available to you

Of course applied to military strategy, this could mean the disproportionate application of force, and using weapons that might have been banned by international treaty.

A survey of Krav Maga training websites reveal it’s based on Israel’s history of fighting for its survival in the Middle East, and by the way, it is not a sport.

Krav Maga is an evolving art that adapts to an ever changing world, both locally and globally.

As a result, Krav Maga is the ideal self-defense system for use on the street — a place where no rules exist.