Rick Warren, what on the Earth are you here for?

Obama and JesusRick Warren, Southern Baptist guru pastor and author of the book, ‘What on Earth am I here for?’, has got me asking…

Rick Warren, what on the Earth are you here for, Man? I mean it is you who is going to be taking Barack Obama’s Christian loyalty oath this 16th of August at the Saddleback Church (love that name!) , right? Is this a power play on your part against Baby Graham, the Southern Baptist Preacher Man’s son?

Now I know that it is only God that is your thing and what all, but I got to ask aren’t you trying to get the Crazy Religious Right crowd back into play here by sponsoring this ..uh///… ‘debate’ between McCain and Obama? You going to be talking God a lot, right?

I wonder if you and Barack are going to be turning away any women wearing Islamic scarves away from audience participation? You are for tolerance I know and all that…. But Hey! Isn’t that ‘tolerance’ only when it is on Christian terms dictated by the American military? Both McCain and Obama don’t need to take any of that tolerance stuff too seriously, now do they?

Rick Warren, with this debate sponsored by little ol’ you, you will become a serious player big time, right? At least in the shopping mall world of God that is. You will have helped dumb down America yet another notch! Thanks to your friend, Barack. And thanky to God!

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