Dr. Bousa and the CIA

Middle Eastern Beauties
One could easily overlook certain political world happenings and believe that the Arab Lounge’s Ask Dr. Bousa is nothing more than yet another page in another innocuous single’s meat market web site. However$$$?

That would be to overlook the American Psycho Association’s …Oh I meant ‘Psychological’ Association’s work at Guantanamo for the Pentagon. Yes, nothing is as simple these days as it first appears. The US Christian government’s war on Islamic cultural beliefs is deep and repulsive, not to mention pornographic. Abu Ghraib… remember that? Now we have something called “Arab Lounge’.

So over-sexualization of Arab life is something that the Pentagon would want to push in its pornographic style. Homosexual rape, menstrual blood, and singles sites for Arabs and Muslims perhaps?

Those are some pretty seductive Arab women I am seeing in ads for ‘Arab Lounge’ Inc. Reminds me of the Israeli material military girls even. Reminds us of the American Psychological Assoication, does it not?

Yes, I do not think I am merely paranoid either? lol madly MADLY!!!! Cuties at Arab Lounge

Yes, the US government can actually be involving itself in seducing the young rich Arab males with porno sites! Do it and you got them by their dicks, Dick, might just be where it got started, and not just from some innocent business scheme! Hollywood might not be quite enough, and the Pentagon may actually have a hand in this ‘Arab Lounge’?!

Go figure? Nothing is as it ever simply appears these days. War is fought on so many different fronts. It’s a Brave and Creepy World out there.

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