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For Presidential Debate No 2, your reflection on television is dumber than you appear

If Mitt Romney’s candidacy serves one purpose, it’s to highlight what fools Americans have become. Without question, Romney shows his supporters to possess a thinking deficit virtually unfathomable. But more dispiriting, Romney’s opponents run from him like Team Scooby Doo … Continue reading

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Memorable McCain debate moments

Memorable moments from the 2008 presidential debates? After not making eye contact with Obama for the entirety of the first debate, McCain refused Obama’s outreached hand, directing his opponent to shake hands with his wife Cindy instead. Out of the … Continue reading

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Does this presidential race look close?

Tuesday’s presidential debate left me feeling nothing but awkward. Barack Obama sat half leaning in his chair, while his opponent shuffled toward whoever held the microphone like Neko the mouse-chasing screen saver kitten, except McCain flapped his arms like a … Continue reading

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Who is losing in the debates? We are.

FOX NEWS claims McCain is winning. MSNBC seems to be making an un-characteristic Obama gambit. Who’s losing the presidential debates? We are. And I’m not even talking about the exclusion of third party voices like Nader or McKinney. The Dems … Continue reading

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Is Bush sending tanks from Ukraine to Kenya to South Sudan to foment civil war there?

Hijacked tanks ‘for South Sudan’ Who paid for these tanks? The US government? South Sudan doesn’t have that much cash on hand at all. One should ask these questions especially with Barack Obama just having called in the debate tonight … Continue reading

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The return of the Bush magic flashing tie

McCain showed up to the OLD MISS debate wearing Dubya’s crazy strobe necktie! Diagonal stripes of particular inconvenient width create signal noise on the interlaced television picture producing mesmerizing patterns of juxtaposed RGB. What might have passed for a Technicolor … Continue reading

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He should have quit while he was ahead

Before the debate, before John McCain even announced he’d show up after all, his campaign staff released this announcement on the internet. I’m sure it’s like a newspaper writing obits ahead of time. Maybe McCain’s people wish they’d prepared a … Continue reading

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Rick Warren, what on the Earth are you here for?

Rick Warren, Southern Baptist guru pastor and author of the book, ‘What on Earth am I here for?’, has got me asking… Rick Warren, what on the Earth are you here for, Man? I mean it is you who is … Continue reading

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Existential gamboge

What do they mean by Existential war? Do you know? I don’t!   I don’t think the pundits know either. But how rather clever for Communications Majors to choose a word that all English-speakers recognize, yet nobody understands. Unlike Iraq’s … Continue reading

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