Rush Limbaugh Deported For Terrorism!

…And placed on the National No-Fly List!

Ok, so that was just wishful thinking. But wouldn’t it be a more clear and righteous judgment if he and the other Animated Genitalia who rejoiced over

a) the destruction of an American city (New Orleans)


b) made an open call for Americans to kill Americans in riots (like in Denver)


c) openly encouraged vote fraud on the part of Republican voters


d) called for suppression of Democratic voters through Poll Watchers and insistence on current ID cards (upheld by the Fascist “due process” Supremely Servile Court)

would be judged by the same standard as those by which he and the other Animated Genitalia judge people for using terms like “America’s chickens have come home to roost”?

Yusuf Ibrahim for pointing out that there are in fact Islamic laws which support condemnation for blasphemy?

What if Dobson were placed on the same level of “adjusted freedom” for HIS very similar pronouncements?

What if Gunny Bob were to have the same “freedom adjustments” for his retarded statements that the Society of Friends was a Terrorist Hate Group?

What if THEIR anti-American hate speech were judged worthy of being censured by Congress on the same level as MoveOn and the New York Times being “condemned” for pointing out that Generally BetraysUs actually is the smarmy bootlicking traitor that he truly is?

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Deported For Terrorism!

  1. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo BJ,
    Say its not so. You – for censorship! Gasp, ahhh ohhh the stars are falling. Surely you know everyone should be able to say their “think” even the nutty ones. Done in a decent manner. Say you agree with me on that? Guess that means i will soon be censored off this net, huh? So much for justice, truth & the American way. Should have guessed Tony & Eric…..but you to BJ. Ah the cut, the pain, the surprise. Discussion – no, censorship yet. Condem me, censor me, cuss me, call me names but the truth is still the truth.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yes, George, you are going to be ‘censored’ for being a spammer and a bore. I wouldn’t think that the police would allow me to go into a police station and bait them like you do people here. We have been more than patient with you up to now. Time is running out, and you still have the opportunity to not get thrown off the NMT blog site, but a behavior change must be made soon.

  3. Nah, I wouldn’t throw Rush out of the country.

    Just have to remind him and his freak buddies occasionally what exactly they’re like.

    Incidentally, Rush wouldn’t allow any of us to post on his site, he’s kind of infamous for that.

    On the other hand, Major, I suppose you think it “weak minded” to even allow you to (I was going to say woof or bark, but that’s a little too,… hmmm… “macho”…) yip and yap on this site?

    If Rush has his way, and does start a violent chain reaction in America, where will you stand, Major? With the Bu’ush Regime and their New, Improved Version of Kristallnacht?

    There is a strong likelihood that we will only be able to survive as a free society by an insurrection.

    It was an insurrection which led to the founding of the United States, a further insurrection which led to the call for a Constitution, and the threat of yet another insurrection which got the Army to surrender to the will of the people, not fire on their fellow Americans again, and to have the Bill of Rights included in the Constitution.

    It wasn’t a gift from the Continental Army, at least not on the command level.

    But those who actually gleefully look forward to an insurrection, to a revolution, or even just riots in the streets is a full blown idiot.

    Rush and Bush and Gunny Bob are in that category.

    Those who deliberately incite such are usually called Criminals.

    By all means, allow Rush to spout his Hatred. It’s evidence in the case against him if Rule of Law somehow survives the bloodshed he’s calling for.

    Actually, his call for violence might be met, and he would be one who would be dragged from his house and lit on fire in the middle of his own front lawn.

    If he’s lucky they’ll kill him before burning him.

    Again, Major, where would you stand, or where do you already stand?

    Be very careful with whom you pick a fight. Something tells me you really aren’t Billy the Bad-ass, (mostly because I’ve actually MET Billy, and it wasn’t you).

  4. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo BJ,
    Knew it was just a matter of time till Eric & Tony toss me off. You see they can not stand the truth – they call it something else of course. Are not willing to discuss or even hear any one who disagrees with them, yet the can cuss, be disrespectful and lie. Call them on it – bong- they toss you off. Normal for that sort of folk. Now if I agreed with them _bong bong – why I would be more than accepted. But BJ truth is the truth, like it or not.

    Say what makes you think I am such a bad ass? Have i not been respectful when discussing things with you? Cussed you????? Just like to be able to discuss things with you three but seeing that Tony & Eric are not willing to do that hmmm makes one wonder why. But when light come to darkness -darkness tends to run away. Fits them, huh BJ. Thanks for speaking up for my right to discuss too. But soon will be gone, I fear.

    BJ, who or what is this Billy? Never heard of him. Me? Why I stand for the American way, freedom & truth for all. I expect a person be responsible for his or her deeds, in all things. You steal – chop off that hand. You kill, to the wall for you. You rape, chop off that part. You hurt children woman old folks, line up by the wall & shot. Get drunk & harm someone, same for you. My view BJ is one of personal responsibility. You do you your own thing so long as it does not harm someone else. Waste in the lakes or rivers would be classified as wrong & you would be required to clean it up. Big business, as I tolk you BJ would be check once a year to see that it was good for the people, nation & world or be shut down & supervisor/managers/ceo/investors would be fined and jailed. Education for everyone would be free as would be medical care. BUT BJ, everyone able would have a job & pay small reasonable taxes. Our push would be to help all in the world too. Not just give it away but make sure the local folks got & used the help to improve their life. Try to help everyone work together for a better human race & world. So now you can see why Tony & Eric want to censor me?

    Ah well, life goes on.

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