Advice for next DC Madam

All sex worker administrators working in financial capitals DC or NY or London may want to take note, when affairs go awry, you are entangled with the vice squad, and you are hailed as that episode’s “DC Madam,” consider making your client list known far and wide, instead of hoping to parlay it for reduced charges. Whether convicted or not, you will shortly be found dead, by your hand, without a sign of foul play. A suicide, like journalists, aids, and other compromised folk before you.

Did Deborah Palfrey have any chance, like her colleague Brandy Britton three months before her? Both met with suicide before their tales could really go viral. The Pamela Martin & Associates agency catered to the most powerful mobsters in the world. Including but bigger than US Senators, Vitter or his ilk, including but bigger than government agency or military heads. The now dead girls were in bed with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and USAID. Can you name badder johns? Putin’s KGB gang, serviced by the Russian gymnastics team, comes in a distant minor league.

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  1. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Eric,
    Surely you know people of the world are going hungry. Who cares about a rich old guys whore dealer? More important things in the news than this. Yep there is corruption in the world – see the Dem Party Socialism for example. Rev wrong is rev right for some or is it wrong for others. FOOD, is a problem as is fuel as is…… but a DC madam? Ugh.

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