Splitting Iran-Syria alliance key to US-Israeli plans for attacking Iran

The US and Israel want to set up yet another puppet regime in Iran, and have open plans to bomb and invade that country. However, there is a key problem to carrying out plan, and that is the country of Syria, which is allied with Iran in the region.

Syria is a key player in Lebanon’s politics, as many Lebanese feel more allied with Syria, than they with the US puppet regime in power now in Beirut. Lebanese Muslims, for example, do not want to join in a Christian Holy War designed principally by the US to steal away control over the petroleum resources of the Middle East.

Enter the US and Israel with offerings of peace to Syria, if only they break their alliance with Iran. The deal is, opt for ephemeral promises to return the Golan Heights???, and we won’t bomb the holy Hell out of your cities, Syria. This is the type of ‘negotiations’ that the US government specializes in.

Question is, will this threat to deliver or not deliver future mayhem and terror work with the Syrian government or not? They be desperate enough to avoid this coming US terrorism against tehir people to decide to abandon solidarity with their fellow Muslims in Iran and Lebanon? Will they make this deal with the Devil? Syria ‘would break links with Iran’ if America steps in to help it … or, are they just toying around in ‘negotiations’ with the US, delaying simply for time?

The Syrians have nothing to gain by waiting for an ABM Administration to begin, for these US attacks on their country are something that Obama supports doing, too. It must be tempting to get out of the direct line of fire, and we can only sympathize with Syria’s plight. How sad it is that the majority of Americans continue to support their government’s terrorism against others all around the world.

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