Israel launches new terrorist campaign against Iran

israeli-rifle-sniper-tattooIsrael is using hitmen to carry out political assassinations against Iranians according to US intelligence sources. Israeli terrorism is nothing new and has been used against Syrians and Lebanese, not to mention the Palestinians themselves. Why does it not receive any notice in the US media? The answer is simply that Israeli government terrorism is supported by the US government, too, and so these types of matters are just kept as quiet as possible. Israel launches covert war against Iran. Barack Obama, what do you have to say about this?

Israeli terrorism has many more targets than the newspaper The Telegraph of the UK mentions in its report of the new campaign to target the Iranian nuclear scientists. Just like with targets of US State terrorism that Pentagon hitmen attack, all civilian collateral damage is considered just part of the act. The only real desire to limit the numbers of innocents hit is simply due to the embarrassment that it sometimes causes. Somehow a desire to keep those numbers down is supposed to excuse the nature of the hit?

Both the US and Israeli governments want to carry out their terrorism against Iran on a much more massive scale, and the only thing that holds them back is that the Iranian government and Iranian people are not in as defenseless a situation as the Palestinians of Gaza are. It is much more a project on the scale of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan currently is. Otherwise….

Barack Obama in office is no guarantee that the Pentagon and the neocons will not actively go at Iran with full Obama support. We will probably begin to see more mentions of mysterious deaths in Iran, Israeli aggressions by air and missiles, and other similar buildups in the next months towards an eventual all out assault against the people of Iran. Once again it is the passive acceptance of these imperialist assaults by the American people that will enable people like Obama and Clinton to go ahead with launching yet more terrorist wars using ‘our troops’ and the troops of the Jewish State.

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9 Responses to Israel launches new terrorist campaign against Iran

  1. Avatar Denise Cohen says:

    Your headlines are as “objective” as those in the NY Times, so, you may yet win a Pulitzer Prize for journalistic excellence. LOL. Seriously, though, while Iran is a terrorist rogue nation and a global threat, the Iranian population, itself, is friendly to the West and even to Israel, and, so, diplomacy is definitely worth trying.

  2. Avatar Sean Dobson says:

    German scientists working for the Nazis were targeted by the Allies. Similarly, Iranian scientists working on behalf of the Iranian Nazi regime are ripe for being targeted. Nasty business but so is genocide.

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    So, does an American dissident who doesn’t support Bush or Likud rate as a Target for Mossad?

    DeniseMitchDavdHaddad in its MultiPersonae has argued that those who fail to grovel to the Empire are Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic and argued that Bush and Cheney having people imprisoned tortured and murdered was justified simply on Their Own Word that the people were Terrorists.

    Bush, Cheney and their brainless Minions like DeniseMitchDavid whatever it calls itself today, also said that people who oppose their “war on terror” are in league with the terrorists.

    So, that means I, personally, would be a legitimate target for the Mossad assassin Murderers.

    The notion that they’re targeting people who are working on WMDs, well, that sounds remarkably like the LIE put out by Mr Bush, Mr Netanyahu and all their rabid-ass Foaming-at-the-mouth supporters about a million pounds (a little more actually, the perjury they gave to the U.N. was 500 metric tonnes) of Chemical and Biological weapons.

    See, the sources for your information that ONLY terrorists are known Liars.

    about 4650 American and British, mostly, soldiers killed in Iraq so far, about a million Iraqis by the lowest count,

    All MURDERED through the use of the Same Lie they’re now trying to use to justify assassinations in Iran.

  4. Avatar Sean Dobson says:

    Depends on your dissident activities. In the US, the UK and elsewhere, threatening someone’s life is a crime, a misdemeanor at the very least. Threatening genocide warrants far greater punitive measures. You ask a lot of theoretical questions but the leadership of Iran threatening to exterminate the population of Israel is alarmingly real and not theoretical.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    “Sean” = “Denise” BTW. He jumped IPs, but accidentally used a known IP as alias.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, and still using the same sources of information.

    After 6 years there’s still been no actual WMDs found in Iraq, even though the SAME sources said that they’re there.

    There, there, multipersonae Troll, we know you get lied to frequently.

    One of the lies your sources tell you is that they don’t torture people.

    Or arrest anybody who isn’t guilty.

    Or kill anybody but the intended target, like the Imaginary Sniper somewhere in the vicinity of the Doctor’s house.

    They also don’t hire goons like Blackwater soon to be Xe, to kill 17 people who are unarmed, no sir, (or madam or sexless alien species) it’s only those bad ol’ Lefties telling stories about them.

    Since the IDF story about the Sniper is only confirmed by IDF, I’m going to dismiss it as being a Lie.

    That, and they have a long history of Lying to cover their collective Ass.

    That makes the theory that the real reason they blew away the doctor’s house and several of his relatives, some of them children, was his daring to communicate with people in the United States without going through IDF censorship channels.

    Why would I believe that people who think Torture and Murder are legitimate wouldn’t kill me or anybody else for defying them?

    Is it their “High Moral Standards”?

    Gee, what a comedian you are.

  7. Avatar Zambare S S says:

    Fight against trouble we can learn from Israel. Being surrounded by enemies ; but not frightened at all.

  8. Avatar Rotem says:

    Its been a long time since i read such crap. Its amazing that even today people cant understand the meaning of terrorism…

  9. We understand the meaning of Terrorism. Like, a Terrorist State which adopted the motto of Gaius Julius Caesar II, Caligula: “Oderint Dum Metuant”, let them hate us as long as they fear us.

    Also known as “Shock and Awe”.

    And their puppet Netanyahu government In Israel saying that Peace can only be possible if the Palestinians give up their right to exist. And use Superior Firepower provided at the expense of Terrorist State Number One to enforce their Terroristic decree.

    Ruling politically by force or threat of force or fear of force, equals Terrorism.

    It doesn’t matter that the Terrorists in question have a better organized method for delivering their messag of “You WILL obey us or we WILL destroy you!”

    The Netanyahu government and their Corporate Owners in the U.S. deliver exactly that message to Palestine, and to Iran, and anybody else they feel aren’t properly groveling to them.

    Naturally people will fight back. If they lack “smart bombs”, an Air Force, a Navy, a massive Army, unmanned Drones to remote-control Murder People,, a network of Torture Centers around the world to “interrogate” the prisoners taken, well, they’ll fight back with the same methods the Israelis used against first the Turks and then Britain in the first half of the last century.

    We understand, we just also disagree with your assessment that Israel and the United States are blameless in all this. They’ve killed, by their own count, over a hundred times as many of the “insurgents” and “terrorists” than were killed by the Terrorist States of Israel and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

    And we realize that the major propagandists who call the Palestinians and Iranians “Terrorists” but deny their own terrorism, are professional Liars. Most of them with ties to the Project for the New American Century, perhaps you’ve heard of them, one of their major contributors, Karl Rove, just wrote a book where he actually used the word “courage” in the Lying Title thereof. Many of them Jewish but none of them, exactly NONE zip zero bupkis not a one of them objected to a proposal made by several of their members to release a genetically tailored Biological Warfare Agent on the Arabian Peninsula that attacks exactly which genotype?

    Oh, yeah, the SEMITIC genotype, the one shared by both Arabs and Jews. You know, that sounds a whole lot like Anti-Semitic Terrorism to me. Why don’t you scurry over to one of their websites and complain to THEM about THEIR Terrorist Agenda?

    You can find links to them from the Fox News website, and the Tea Party websites.

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