Texas Justice

Galveston Texas fat copTexas Justice is a TV show that is just ever so cute. However, there is no connection between TV fantasy and reality, and much of the real Texas Injustice System operates with about as much professionalism as the Ku Klux Klan would have with badges on. 12-Year Old Girl Beaten By Police for ‘Resisting Arrest’

Notice how this child’s dad was the one who ended up going to jail and not the cops. The police certainly planted drugs on the guy merely because he tried to talk to the pigs and ask them to let his 2 year old kid go instead of hauling her away in handcuffs. The cops then came for him 2 days later and laid the frame up on him, and now dad is in jail for 2 years! The cops even sent the girl to court on charges 3 weeks later after beating her up at her own house. Southern In Justice from Galveston to New Orleans to Algiers is often this way.

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