Obama’s plan for Afghanistan is to arm yet more death squads under Pentagon command

The US government calls them militias but the reality, like with Iraq, is that these forces are merely US controlled and trained death squads.
Kabul embassy flag ceremony
Here is the New York Times reporting on the Obama plan for more Afghanistan occupation… Afghans and U.S. Plan to Recruit Local Militias Don’t be deceived by the title of the report, since even the US government’s Afghan puppet ‘president’ Karzai is against the Obama plan. There are no Afghans that are planning to do anything more than participate under the command of US planned death squads being launched there by Obama and Dubya. Here is the LA Times more honest title to there own report… Afghanistan’s President Karzai laments coalition use of ‘thugs’ These 2 articles are on the Libertarian site, antiwar.com today.

The ‘Peace’crats are still giving Obama the benefit of their Democratic Party voting ‘doubt’. Why are so many of these little liberal types covering up from Obama’s plan to put in more US troops into Afghanistan to ‘surge’ the area with more US organized locals, platooned into death squads? And what does Obama have planned to do to the people of Pakistan? It’s time to oppose this Democratic Party criminality not to remain silent. Raise your voices against the local ‘Peace’crat groups, since we need better organization than they will ever provide to oppose effectively the Pentagon terrorism. They’re going to stay largely silent.

(That picture is of US troops at the US Kabul ‘Embassy’ 7 years ago December- 2001, right about the time that the US allied death squads slaughtered thousands of surrendering Afghan troops in air tight cylinders by suffocation and shooting bullets into them. They had tried valiantly to defend their country from US occupation but failed. See Mass grave plundered at site of Taleban prisoners’ massacre Six years later, the US government of Obama wants to organize yet more death squads to use against Afghans.)

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2 Responses to Obama’s plan for Afghanistan is to arm yet more death squads under Pentagon command

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Arming the Taliban, where have we heard that before…

    Alexander the Great used these cats for Mercenaries in HIS Army 2700+ years ago.

    Training and arming these kids for their war which was going on since before recorded history, what skills can WE offer them that their daddies and grandaddies haven’t already taught them?

    Teaching them to respect the human rights of their enemies, well, Mad King George sure trashed our reputation on that.

    Right to be tortured or killed if you don’t like it, that’s the Bush Legacy.

    “Hey, at least we don’t (usually) Behead or Crucify people”

  2. Avatar Mao Zedong says:

    Obama is a pig. Amerikkka needs to get the hell out of Afghanistan and everywhere else. Amerikkka needs to get the hell off Indian lands for that matter. USA off the planet!


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