The crime of removing reporters from the scene of police crimes

St. Paul’s Democratic Party mayor, Chris Coleman, is going to get away with his crime of allowing police removal of reporters from the scenes of police criminality. Yes, that’s exactly what he is doing by ‘dropping the charges’ against all reporters captured by the police at the Republican Party Convention, and this ‘dropping the charges’ routine seems to be the new ‘In’ way to violate American’s Constitutional Rights. No charges for reporters arrested in GOP protests

How can one protest at political events if the police have the option to just arrest you, harass you in the courts for months, and ultimately to ‘drop charges’? How can reporters go about their work? Any damages ever paid out are simply paid for with tax payers money, so it is slim consolation to actually sue for one’s rights either? Plus, that is another way to tie your one lawyer or two up in court with the brigades of municipal and police lawyers. It is a form of financial harassment by public authorities that is just as legal as torture is in present day America. Proud to be an American? Why?

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