Toxic Debt

suckerDo you have any ‘toxic debts’? Maybe you moved out of an apartment and the place put hundreds of dollars of extra charges on your credit record claiming you did damages, even though these claims are false? Maybe you ran up 2 cents over on a debit card transaction, and the bank ran up their ‘overdraft protection’ charges on you? Maybe you were sold a junker and it fell apart a couple of miles off the lot? Are they still trying to collect payments from you?

Maybe you had a moldy apartment that was killing your kid and had to bolt the place, and they are literally going after you for your ‘toxic debt’ because you broke your lease? Maybe the police ran up some funky fines on you while driving, since they had a quota of tickets to give out that day? Maybe you bought a trashed out trailer home that you are unable to sell or live in? Sorry, none of the trillion dollar government bailout is for YOUR ‘toxic debts’, but for other private individuals’ debts instead. It’s their government, not yours!

You will pay for their ‘toxic debts’ though with your taxes. You might not have even voted for the 2 political parties who are having your money go to write off individuals’ ‘toxic debts’ knowing that none of them represented you and vaguely thinking that the elections are more a sham than anything? Too bad since they are still going to steal your money to pay off their benefactor’s ‘toxic debts’. Good luck finding employment to help them out! You’ll need it.

Oh, and YES. It might be time to start getting a little madder about this 2 party con game that one single economic group is playing on you? The business community thinks you too stupid to participate in their ‘democracy’ and you have passively been mainly proving them right by sitting around just taking it. Maybe it’s time to wake up and do a little to bring this system of theirs down? Think about it some in the days ahead, why don”t you?

U.S. readies massive toxic-debt plan Good-bye money…

3 thoughts on “Toxic Debt

  1. If any of you readers are suffering from the effects of this “toxic debt”, I can certainly help. My legal specialty is Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy, and I have successfully discharged (i.e., wiped out) hundreds of millions of dollars of such debt over my 28+ years of practice. Yes, credit cards, doctor bills, personal loans, even taxes (if they are at least 3 years old) can still be discharged, no matter the lies that the media has been feeding you. For a mere $1,600.00, you too can be debt-free, and do your part in sticking it to the Man. Join such distinguished company as Sam Walton, Donald Trump, Kim Basinger and the impecunious Lehman Brothers in using the legal system to your own advantage to create a fresh start for yourself. Often filing for bankruptcy will actually increase your credit rating by a hundred points or more. Even without filing for bankruptcy, I can utilize proven asset-protection techniques to legally help you place what property you do have beyond the reach of your creditors.

    Go to to find out how we can do our part to spread the rise of financial anarchy!

  2. If we were to follow the lead of our financial institutions, we’d all live high on the hog and then declare bankruptcy when it’s time to pay.

    I seriously suggest that some of us consider doing just that. Let’s leave the banks holding the bag for our mortgages. They’ve profited from us enough. Let’s stiff the credit card companies who’ve made billions through usurious interest rates and mailboxes stuffed with unsolicited credit card invitations. The federal government is prepared to bail them out without penalty. I want Michael to bail me out. A clean slate sounds awesome.

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