The latest Drug War news from the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

At last count, Ciudad Juarez has had 840 people murdered there this year, most of them Drug War victims. Severed head The entire US-Mexican Border area has been turned into a killing battlefield by the US campaign to militarize Latin America as well as our own country. Here is the Narco News report on the latest violence in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area Masked Gunmen Unleash AK-47s on Drug-Rehab Center; Mexican Soldiers Parked 50 Yards Away Do Nothing

For further recent US-Mexico Drug War news from a little further inside Mexico see Suspected drug hit men dump head in Mexican city

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5 Responses to The latest Drug War news from the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Shades of the 80s when Ronnie Rae Gunn, cowboy actor, “I’m really not a president but I play one on TV”, was funding the Medellin Cartel and Noriega was his bag man.

    This story is printed elsewhere here, but in ’86 I was on Alameda Street waiting for my boss to show up so I could work that day.
    (important note: I didn’t speak spanish very well at the time, and Nacio is also a short name for Renacido and Ignacio, and usually pronounced Nacho)

    There were a couple of Mexican workers standing about 20 yards away, not my business, live and let live and all.

    A black van with no no side windows pulls a U-turn right in front of me, these goons dressed all in black and waving guns jump out screaming Donde Nacio Donde Nacio?

    I thought my friend Nacho had ripped off some heavy hitters or something, and now they were going to kill me because I didn’t know where (donde) Nacho was.
    i seriously thought they were a Death Squad. If they had been, it wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary.

    What a special time.

    I said in my (at the time) Best 6th Grade Spanish,”Perdona, señores, habla Ingles?’, which really would be better expressed IN English, (like Radar on M.A.S.H., translating for a Korean fellow, the Americans said “ask him if he speaks English” so Radar says, in English, ‘do you speak English?” but I once again digress.)

    That’s when they pulled out their Border Patrol badges.

    Kind of like Cheech Marin with his “Born in East L.A.” video, when they put those “La Migra” badges in his face. But at 5 AM it doesn’t seem really damn funny.

    Then they had the unmitigated gall to tell me it was MY fault for “looking Mexican”.

    But, yeah, it’s gonna get worse.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It wasn’t your fault at all, Jonah! Those Migra folk just pronounced nah see oH! like NACHO, that’s all. ‘Done-day NACHO?’

    And judging how these boys functioned in the Laredo area where I most briefly lived, they spend a lot of time in restaurantes eating donuts… no make that NACHOS! They probably were just suffering some NACHO indigestion after their breakfast that day.

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    I didn’t know the “donde nació” phrase, even though they had confronted me before… They would shine their light in my eyes and scream “where were you born” IN ENGLISH and then try to tell me that they thought I was Mexican.

    Kind of a logical disconnect there.

    Right about the same time as the Alameda St Incident, they shot a guy who was climbing the border fence (in Arizona) back into Mexico, shot him when he was almost at the top of the fence (he survived, but was gutshot, then charged with “Assaulting a Deputized Peace Officer”) and then said the guy was throwing a rock at them.

    To any who would defend the indefensible, these PIGS’ Action, I have one question,

    Can YOU climb a 10 foot Cyclone fence with a rock in one of YOUR hands? I didn’t think so.

    They tried to Murder the guy and charged HIM with Assault.

    Now these kids are part of a conglomerate agency that also has offices al otro lado, On the Other Side. And they’re not shy about killing people.

    They have an ad on the Teevee saying how every day on the job they’re protecting children, and families, and all the people in the advertisement are blonde white presumably English Americans.

    Isn’t it sweet that the Non Racist La Migra are by their own video evidence, only protecting White Americans?

    From the Savage Dark Skinned Hordes.

    We’re probably going to get some disgruntled deeply offended Pigs respond to this, Tony.

    Ah, well.

    The Yanqui Gov’t has funded terrorists and torturers and Death Squads before.

    Siento bien para mis amigos Mexicanos.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Well we already have ohwilleke angry and defending the Algerian pig force on another thread. He says they are not all such bad guys after all. They’re just doing their job.

    Isn’t it funny though? Almost all the world generally thinks of their own police force as being gangs of thugs, but Americans are the lone group of dummies regarding this it seems? They think the cops are a group of saints almost!

    They’re all such law and order freaks. They want the trains to run on time so bad that they don’t really give a damn what the police do, as long as it is to somebody else. Americans are all heart!

  5. Avatar simon9985 says:

    this is peter, almost all the world pepole generally thinks of their own police force as being gangs of thugs, but india are the lone group of dummies regarding this seems, thanking you.

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