The Mysterious Adventures of Pentagon-made Anthrax

Fort DetrickIs there anybody else other than myself that doubts the stories of suicide we are now hearing in regards to Bruce E. Ivins? The media says that the case is now conveniently wrapped up and closed for good, and isn’t that precious? We are now all supposed to not think of where the anthrax actually came from (Fort Detrick, Maryland) that was used in these acts of terrorism on the US.

We are also supposed to forget how the US government and US media used these terrorist acts revolving around anthrax to justify an invasion and occupation of Iraq. Glenn Greenwald suggests that ABC News especially was used by the US government to promote false information regarding the point of origin of the Fort Detrick made anthrax as being from Iraq. See Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News Yes, this American made anthrax has had some mysterious adventures and the claims that Bruce E. Ivins actually committed suicide seem quite suspect. It is more likely than not that there is more of this story that is truly well hidden from public view even today. Our government is totally corrupt.

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