The PPJPC heads toward a Saint Pat’s Day Massacre

The PPJPC is heading toward a Saint Pat’s Day Massacre this year due to it’s undemocratic and cliquish administration’s misleadership. Several members have spent their time in unreported and undisclosed meetings behind doors with various businessmen, policemen, and municipal government officials, all this done without any real review of these people’s personal actions.

The PPJPC board does not have any membership control of its activities at all, since its membership meets only once a year, and possibilities to discuss and review the supposed leadership’s decisions are negligible. So what has been planned for this year’s parade after all these side manipulations behind the scenes?

IMO it looks like an ambush of pacifist leaning sheep and a bloody massacre by the pro-war city government is being headed towards blindly by the PPJPC. I certainly will not bring my family to this event this year, as the leadership of the PPJPC appears to be totally inept at analyzing what is being set in motion against them. They repeatedly show their ineptness in protecting antiwar people from being abused and attacked in this city.

To briefly review, the city finally dropped all charges against last year’s PPJPC victims of the city’s police attack and wolfishly began to court the PPJPC participation in the parade this year, under a revised set of rules and regulations. The new rule is that ‘social issues’ will now at last be allowed, but that the PPJPC will only be allowed 35 paraders in their contingent, as will all the other pro-military groups participating, who will have hundreds combined marching in a myriad of different pro-military formations.

Now here is the kicker. This small contingent of misled, naive, and gullible PPJPCers, will then get to run the gauntlet of the majority pro-military spectators, who have had one year of steady propaganda and misinformation against proPeace paraders of last year’s parade, from the city’s daily paper, all its Right Wing blogs, and all its pro-military groupings. This is an setup that should have been obvious to anybody with much a brain, but somehow the PPJPC office crowd and the churchly pacifist type liberals that run the show there, think that all is somehow A-OK and accepting of them, and this all of a sudden without any misgivings from the past! Talk about gullible!

It looks bad at this point, as the ‘positive thinking’ mindset has taken totally ahold of the clique running the PPJPC. This parade is not going to be very pretty, and this crowd of self-serving ‘leaders’ that has been making the decisions without any membership input, will have only themselves to blame for the probable debacle that will occur. If you do decide to go, just be sure to keep your kids safe from what ensues.

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1 Response to The PPJPC heads toward a Saint Pat’s Day Massacre

  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    Thanks for the update Tony. I’ve been wondering/considering about the parade this year. Given last year’s unwarrented revoke/provoke of the licensing AND the local media’s fine job of typecasting everyone it seemed honorable if not necessary that more attend.

    Now, upon reading this, I learn that parade attendance is limited? Umm… this is NOT a standing room only event – it’s a parade!

    So what is left to do? How many Irish are allowed to participate? How many Hooters girls? How can a parade be considered “non-political” when the politics have already started?!?

    Thank you Colorado Springs for once again proving hypocrisy means more than meaning, conflict means more than resolve, and humans are nothing but beans to lobby and levy.

    Blech. Though expected – this is most sorry news.

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