Slave Corporations in Murderous Action

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I gotta tell you, before inputting all this, it is NOT pretty and is potentially very embarrassing for any investors in any industry for which Texas Correctional Industries, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and Corrections Corporation of America provide Labor.

You might not want the kiddies to know where your family money is coming from. It’s called “Slavery,” the buying and selling of human beings and human lives.

Too bad. I hope to hell if you put the ol’ Parental Censorship on them, their little friends at school will show them this, so they can know what kind of satanic Bastards their Mommies and Daddies are.

I for a while couldn’t find a picture of the Texas chain gang, I know they exist but the guards will forbid cameras anywhere near their operation, if you pass by on a road and try to take a picture they’ll swarm you.

But it looks straight out of a woodcut for Uncle Tom’s Cabin, they make sure the fellows know what their Slave Status is.

Seeing it during cotton picking time is especially disturbing.

But that’s the publicity photo they publish.

But field labor is punishment detail, they make HUGE amounts from things like the Sign Shop, printing everything from license plates to Highway signs to every street-name sign in Texas, they HAVE to buy them from TCI, state law, the inmates get paid exactly $0.00 per hour/day/week/month/year/lifetime.

Data Entry, they used to provide the training for E.D.S. AND had the Data Entry contracts for everybody from every Texas state agency, some federal agencies and private insurance agencies. That one is HUGE.

They also have a print-shop on the same unit, Beto 1 (there’s three Beto units) that prints up car titles, state bonds, get this: Birth and Death Certificates.

The State agencies pay Texas Correctional Industries, the State provides the housing, the facilities for production, and the labor force.

Which they don’t pay.

You might have heard about the Coffield Unit seven years ago, the outside temperature was 120 F.

Only, Coffield Unit is built with panes of glass for the exterior walls.

Not something that, you know, blocks the rays from Mr Sun.

In East Texas in the spring, summer and fall, Mr Sun is NOT your Friend.

The temperatures inside are typically 20 to 30 degrees hotter than outside.

Like a greenhouse.

And, there’s no Air Conditioning. No cold water either. Ice is contraband.

Where that comes in, when the outside temperature was 120, there were a LOT of guys inside their un-ventilated cells 24-7, on Punitive Segregation, for such “crimes” as refusing to be Slaves.

7 years ago the TDCJ *Reported * that 9 inmates died of heat exhaustion while in these cells.

That means, knowing the way the System LIES, the number was a lot more. The guys who never got any visitors and never sent or received mail, they didn’t have any reason whatsoever to tell their families so they simply Didn’t Tell Them.

The Life of a Slave is cheap.

To make it worse, in the Texas system, you can PURCHASE a small electric fan from Commissary, provided you have family or friends on the outside who will put money on your account.

Like I said, they get paid NOTHING for their labor. Texas Correctional Industries and their Greed-head No-Conscience Slave-holder investors, however, DO.

Those inmates who have no money, have no fan.

The ones who are being punished for the “crime” of refusing to work as slaves, had their fans taken away from them… in temperatures estimated to be as high as 150 F.

That means, for any readers who are interested in defending their own profits as shareholders of TCI, the Shareholders are guilty of MURDERING those men for refusing to be slaves.

Any readers who want to make a stink about THAT charge, ok, YOU tell your children and grandchildren where the family funds came from, YOU defend your position, but, hey, have a little bit of Honor and Dignity about yourselves, eh? Show them the Evidence I just presented. Every word of it, including this,

I bet, kids, that Mommy and Daddy and Grandpa and Grandma try to tell you that I’m a liar and must have some kind of Evil Agenda for writing this.

They’re probably telling you I must be a CRIMINAL because I don’t join in to their Celebration of Murderous Greed.

Because I pointed out that Human Bondage is evil.

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