US racially motivated murders post Katrina investigated by Nation Magazine

black woman, New OrleansA.C. Thompson at the Nation Magazine has done a fine bit of investigative journalism published this last week titled, Katrina’s Hidden Race War. In it he investigates the murders of Blacks by Whites in that city after Hurricane Katrina hit, and speculates about how nobody at either local, state, or federal governmental levels seems in the least bit interested in investigating the White racist vigilante violence there, which left some untold number of Blacks murdered or severely injured.

This violence was in the first place really fomented by the news media and these same governmental bodies, and now America is basically expected to forget all that? Should we though?

The violence that is reported on here is quite parallel to the violence of hundreds of Mexican and Central American immigrants being murdered by US governmental immigration policies, usually out in the hot deserts of California and Arizona, but often times in Mexico itself. Then we get down to the racial murder of Arabs in Iraq, and the deadly bombings of Pashtun civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Then let’s not forget the racially motivated pogroms against the Somali people. What unfolds to us as we contemplate all this, is just how genocidal the mentality really is up in Washington D.C., take a Cheney or give a Barack as it be. Seems like little changes in the USA through the decades? Oh, and did I mention Gaza?

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