The US media should be impeached!

If we do not report what falls in the forest the tree does not fallWhere is the news of the proposed Bush impeachment before Congress?
Kucinich puts forward articles of impeachment, the House has tomorrow to act on them. Are we going to learn that virtually all of our House representatives are going to look past those articles, each of which Kucinich backed up with unimpeachable citations, and they’re going to turn their backs on the courage of their Ohio colleague and give Bushco a pass again? No doubt. Because if Bushco is guilty, a solid preponderance of the Legislature has been complicit as well.

Before tomorrow’s decrescendo, what have we already learned today?

We’ve seen, in neon turncoat red, that there are no Benedict Quislings like the media. Where is the news coverage of the 35 charges leveled against Bush?

Except for C-Span, there is no coverage. C-Span was perhaps caught unawares and couldn’t go black on Kucinich when he sprung his five hour surprise on everyone.

But the major networks made nary a mention and the print media was dismissive. Shame on the bastards. Perhaps they are cocksure that if they don’t report it, for all intents and purposes it didn’t happen.

All the media really have to report, to cover themselves, is that Kucinich’s effort was diminutive, ill-advised, pro-forma, unsupported, etc, and having minimized it, they will virtually guarantee that the outcome will be just that.

The media keeps our naked emperor out of reach from impeachment. You want to blame the corrupt legislature? To the gallows with the so-called Fourth Estate as well!

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