Impeach! Goodbye Dems.

Bush is claiming Executive Privilege in refusing to shed light on the possible nefarious dealing of his underlings. The press describes any investigation at an impasse “until one side or the other blinks.” Nonsense. Impeach!
Cheney surprises everyone by declaring that the Vice-Presidency is actually a fourth branch of government, out of reach of the checks and balances familiar to all. Congressmen want to joke about cutting off his funding, etc, meanwhile Cheney’s boys elude oversight. Impeach!

The Justice Department acting politically? Impeach! The Supreme Court behaving like cronies? Impeach.

Congress pretending to oppose endless war, yet refusing to cut off the funding? And eschewing that power, preferring false “impasses” to the option(s) above?

Apparently it’s the best they can do, at least that’s how the corporate media has it. But why let the corporations tell us what is or isn’t our prerogative? It’s time to impeach the lot of them. If the Democrats don’t want to do what they were elected to do, let’s leave them. And turn away from the TV.

It’s time for real bipartisanship. Real conservatives and real progressives need to bail from the two imposter parties and opt for representatives of their own. If big-oil interests can conspire with big-pharma, insurance, multi-national, communications and agri-biz to plunder America’s wealth, I’d hope from the people’s side, the Greens could join the Socialists could join the Libertarians could join the Reformers could join everyone else, Ross Perot’s upstarts perhaps. We can address our differences after we’ve wrestled the reins from the corporate greed parties. If even that will be possible. But we’re not going to see national health care, less war, or more equitable and just policies until we do.

And to those Democrats who fear that abandoning their so-called representatives will release them to the dark side, it shows what little faith you had in your candidates in the first place. The results are already in from last election: having a Democratic representative in Congress, unless it’s John Conyers, is like having no one at all. If the politician you elected really has firm intentions, he’ll have them without you. It’s time to nurture someone else, someone with potential, into power.

Have you seen Barack do anything? Hillary? You’ve seen Edwards capitulate to a fraudulent election. Gore too. You’ve seen Kucinich pretend that the Democratic tent was inclusive enough for voices against the war and that turned out to be a lie. The Dems have no one unsuited to do their bidding, and what a surprise, it’s not yours.

5 thoughts on “Impeach! Goodbye Dems.

  1. Unfortunately, there are few people moving to disassociate themselves from the 2 party System of American corporate rule Here is an interesting, though at times sectarian report about the recent UFPJ convention. The leaders of this coalition are firmly glued to lobbying the Democratic Party leadership as always.

    No hope here in the days ahead. Instead of organizing actions against the war, the UFPJ top dogs will most likely join on as cheerleaders for one Democratic Party candidate or the other.

  2. Keith Oberman is suggesting the same thing. It probably will take some time to get enough people angry to make the changes you propose. You started us thinking and that is an important first step. Maybe the internet will be the important guide we need so we must work to preserve this mediium.

  3. Apparently, people are getting very angry very quickly.

    Keith Olbermann this past evening called on King George and his henchmen to “raise themselves to the level of Nixon” and resign, for the good of the Nation.

    So, Eric, when will you have the Tee-shirts and bumper stickers printed up that say “At least Nixon had the decency to RESIGN”..? I’ll scrape together whatever funds it takes to buy at least one of each.

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