Can Biden Get America’s War Machine Back On Track?

I'm Joe Biden and I Approve This Message.

The US media is sparing no effort to unseat President Trump by projecting landslide support for a return to a normal state of affairs, you know: wars, covert wars, and financial supremacy. Admitedly Trump is a constant and tiresome embarassment, but alas the Tump circus has also sidelined war and brought world peace. Try as the media might to restart the Cold War, our Clown-in-Chief befriends our supposed-to-be enemies and de-escalates the jingoist propaganda. And his baffoon act makes it impossible for career diplomats to pretend Capitalist America hasn’t always been a bullying asshole. Trump was the indictment which Ugly America deserved, yet deniers still RESIST, claiming he doesn’t represent them. Look in the mirror you mal-educated narcissists. Do you owe your vitality to infusions of Third World blood? Karma created Trump in your goddamn image. Now you’re hoping to enlist the Clinton-Bush-Obama good-times political machine to restore domestic calm so that warmongers, exploiters and profiteers can get the imperialist juggernaut back to cruising speed. Selfish Americans, you can’t even figure out that Team Biden is the uglier American by far.

Denver restricts public access to Lindsey-Flanigan Plaza, to circumvent federal injunction protecting protest.

DENVER, COLORADO- The 24hr protest in front of the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse was on its 31st day when city workers installed signs declaring a curfew on the courthouse grounds. Will the ongoing demonstration be grandfathered or will Denver police evict the Occupy Denver activists without notice? Occupiers meet tonight at 7:00 to decide a course of action.
The signage cites trespassing ordinance “D.R.M.C. 38-115” which would halt overnight occupations of the plaza. It cannot but seem to be calculated to restart arrests of the “Jury Nullification” activists, who won a court injunction to prevent the city from making further arrests.

Norway ties USA for Olympic gold

Does it matter really in transnational games between warmonger countries? Nearly all Winter Olympic participants are NATO occupiers of Afghanistan. Though Norway was among several who condemned the Iraq invasion, its oil company is complicit in exploiting Iraq’s oil.

The gold medal tie between a nation of 309 million and another 1.5% its size is contingent of course on the outcome of today’s hockey match-up, a sport just as all-white as cross country skiing. It’s hard to imagine Kenyans not leading the pack if someone would jest give them skis.

The 50k cross country ski event is known as the King’s race, because the winner is king, metaphorically. It reminds me of my grandmother’s “queen for the day” award to my best-behaved cousins. The real king doesn’t of course participate in the race, but lends gravitas to the champion among his best trained men. The biathelon throws a rifle into this pursuit event, for those who having difficulty relating competition sports to military preparedness training.

Norway’s winner is named Northug, which draws a not inappropriate allusion to Norway’s historic contribution to modern Europe. After Rome’s collapse, it was the Vikings who restarted the West’s imperialist economic growth model.

The Democrats ‘stimulus’ package aggravates the economic disaster instead of fixing it

stimulus-package.jpg ……. It really is too much to see all those liberals getting on the Republicans’ case for their opposition to the Democratic Party’s economic ‘bailout’ plans. Barack’s giveaways to the rich corporate sectors do not alleviate the economic collapse but just pile on to it. So do liberals really want to be left holding the bag and later get blamed by the Republicans for helping pass these government give outs to all the wrong folk built on increasing the Federal debt?

Donkeys have never been so dumb as these American ones seem intent on being! True, Liberals have never been much more than just marginally smarter than the Conservatives are in the US and we’re seeing that in how they have been suckered into supporting an entirely conservative response to the unfolding worldwide disaster now being advocated by their supposed modern day Abraham Lincoln liberal liberator, Barack Obama. However….a real economic rescue plan for Americans would have to be built on several key ingredients, and Barack Obama has used and dealt with none of them.

1) Startup of a new single payer medical system that takes the insurance companies, the hospital and nursing home chains, and the medical equipment/ pharmaceutical companies right out of the control box they presently enjoy, and sets the patient and community into the driving seat where they have always belonged.

2) Nationalizing bankrupt financial institutions and companies in key areas of production (banks, automobile industries, energy companies that pollute, steel, vital medical institutions, major retail outlets that are going under like Circuit City, etc.) and encouraging workers control (unionization).

3) Increasing funding of Social Security programs of all kinds with an emphasis on doing away entirely with privatized retirement schemes that privilege some workers at the expense of others.

4) Instituting national equalization of funding and national Federal funding of the Educational System, and doing away with unequal privatized educational schemes and unequal local funding of education.

5) An immediate defunding of the bloated military-industrial welfare scheme centered on government contracts for the Pentagon’s toys.

When none of these key ingredients for a real economic restart of this country are approached by the Democratic Party-sunk American liberal community, you have a pure recipe for eventual political disaster, as the Republican Far Right will eventually move themselves back into position to retake political power in the White House once again. The Democratic Party truly is a gigantic sink hole that destroys all hope for real change ever being on the agenda, as long as liberals defend the package that is not defensible as being any sort of progress. Why be such gluttons for punishment, Liberals? You need to dump the entire idea of giving support to the Obama package, and sooner is much better than later when the damage will already be set in concrete and done.

A Sustainable No Growth Society needed immediately

mother natureWe are told that the only way out of economic collapse is to restart ‘the economy’, and without that we face a grave crisis. But isn’t that just plain wrong? To restart ‘the economy’ is to restart the destructiveness to Nature, or rather to just renew it. Actually, what is needed to prevent economic collapse and the Death of Life on Planet Earth is to begin a Sustainable No Growth Society immediately.

I think that all of us instinctively know that this is absolutely true, but we have no leading societal institution advocating such so we think that it is nothing more than a Utopian dream of sorts to want the Return of Nature. We then pinch ourselves and fall back asleep once again.

How sad to have such little self confidence, is it not? Our capitalists hate Nature and only want to use it to make personal profits., and they simply do not care about the costs to all of us. They consider themselves the great pragmatists, and so seemingly do the great mass of the followers of The Rich.

Capitalism needs constant growth of Nature’s destruction to survive. People need Nature to survive. Nature needs people against Capitalistic growth to have a chance. What’s your response to Nature’s needs?

Time for Iraq to Pay the Bill? YHGTBFKM

The NYT editorial pages decry “Time for Iraq to Pay the Bill.” Oh, really? Sign that editor up for charges, and every single US politician on that bandwagon. It was indeed part of the pitch to convince the public that America could pay for this war. Iraq reconstruction would be financed using Iraq’s oil revenues. Sounds like a great business plan. Except it’s robbery. In war-making terms: pillage.

It must simply sting, that America expend so much money to “liberate” Iraq, to restart its oil production, to position our oil companies to collect their cut, only to see Iraq accumulate oil monies while the US public is saddled with the cost or Iraq’s reconstruction. But we destroyed Iraq. It’s our responsibility to rebuild. Shouldn’t this go without saying? Instead our talking heads are saying it’s the exact inverse.

Do you suppose you could interest rapists to collect fees from their victims for services rendered? Was the sexual attention wanted or unwanted? Arguable, in a rapist’s mind. It don’t work that way, do it? It’s the same in rape and war.

The Geneva Conventions spell out the ethic for military peanut brains who need it explained. You are not permitted to finance your war with the spoils of your invasion. There are no spoils of war. That’s pillage. Reconstruction-wise, Colin Powell famously put this concept in layman terms for us consumers: You break it, you fix it. You don’t charge the Pottery barn for a contract to have you fix it.

It’s there in the laws of war. Do they teach anything in military school? In law school? The rhetorical answer is yes they do. Ergo, these jackasses, brutes, cheerleaders and their investors, are criminals. Make ’em pay for their scaffolds.

Is Africa’s World War about to restart?

We don’t hear much about this one in the US, but only in the last 5 years, ‘Africa’s World War’ has left approximately 7 times the number dead that the US has been responsible for killing in Iraq in the same time frame. As one commentary put it, it is as if the National Republic of Congo (Zaire) has suffered a 9/11 sized disaster everyday of the last 5 years.

Actually that would only be about 1 and 1/2 million deaths, but I see that most estimates are that 5-8 million have died since Mobutu fell in 1997. Another statistic I have also seen, is that Africa as a whole has suffered 90% of the world’s victims lost through world warfare since the fall of the exSoviet Union. And the National Republic of the Congo has been the centerpiece of all this carnage. Why the warfare here?

In short, it is a continuation of the colonial destruction done to the Congo by Belgium, which slaughtered off upwards of 25,000,000 a century ago when it ruled this area, and by the US Cold War supported dictator Mobutu, who ruled for 32 years until overthrown by Kabila-led forces in 1997. The income of the 45,000,000 inhabitants of this Western Europe sized country dropped to 1/10 of what it was within the first 2 decades of his reign. His wealth held in Swiss banks was at an estimated $5 billion at his fall! Multiple US presidents gave him his needed support in American efforts to prop up ‘friendly’ regimes in Africa against the Soviet Union.

Cut to the recent cease fire. This was brokered in 2003 under an arrangement to hold ‘free elections’ in 2006, and put a temporary halt to the conflict. The elections just finished, and despite a certain US peanut farmer saying that all was done Southrern Baptist fair, the most popular candidate never was allowed to participate and the vote between Kabila and Bemba is now being contested by Bemba’s forces, who just burned down the Supreme Court building alleging that the whole election was a fraudulent farce. The final judicial decision is to be made within days, but the result is already in as far as the US and Europeans are concerned. They’re sticking with Kabila to say in power.

THe UN has 17,000 troops in place. Not even enough to begin to stop renewed warfare. Bush is now spending about $5 billion per year in US aid sent to the country. Contrast that to the trillion plus spent on Iraq and Afghanistan. Probably all it would take to stop the renewal of bloodshed would be a fair distribution of some billions or so to the respective sides of this civil war in the years ahead. But where is the US war industries profits in doing that? So the likelihood is that this horrible war will crank up full speed within weeks once again.

Restarting economy with repurchased toiletry items

Never mind that the London plotters never got beyond plotting. Never mind that the likely success of their bomb smuggling strategy is yet unproved. Already the Department of Homeland Security has decreed that no one can take liquids or gels aboard a plane.

If the NSA should eavesdrop upon another group of dark skinned men discussing the smuggling of incindiary devices made out of toothpicks, no matter how improbable, would toothpicks then be banned?

To combust a passenger aircraft with explosives stored in contact cleaning fluid bottles would require two soccer teams of suicide brethren pooling their resources in a probably pretty conspicuous Islamic in-flight Tupperware party.

And now the foiled terrorist plot is looking like it was a hoax.
This latest Neocon fear-mongering looks more like a baby steps approach to increasing consumer spending. They’re giving up on the everybody-buy-a-hybred industrial initiative.
Instead they’re forcing airline passengers to repurchase the personal products they need at each destination. Are the conservatives thinking they will bolster consumer spending one plane load of toiletry items at a time?