US Afghan stooge, Hamid Karzai, barely escapes with his life

It’s hard being a puppet for foreign imperialists. Hamid Karzai almost paid for his crimes with his life Saturday, though the real target of this assassination attempt was the American occupation of Afghanistan. Afghan president survives assassination bid

Where did the Taliban learn these tactics of political assassination? Actually, they learned them from the Israeli and American governments, who operate in the same exact manner against their political opponents. These terrorists learned their tactics and strategy from other terrorists, terrorists much bigger and better organized than themselves!

It’s time to stop occupying other peoples’ countries. It’s time to end the occupation of Afghanistan. It’s time that the American ‘peace movement’ begin to oppose this war in an active manner.

America has followed Russia into occupying Afghanistan, and ultimately will end being pushed back out from that land., and it will be rightfully so, too. I cannot imagine a more stupid waste of our tax dollars than this madness of oppressing the poor people of Afghanistan.

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