US Christians stay mum about Hindu violence against Christians in India

For months now there have been Hindu attacks on India’s Christian communities but America’s Christians remain silent about their cohorts abroad just as they previously have remained silent about Jewish attacks on Christian communities in the Middle East. Orissa mob attacks police station

Christian Rightists in America are too busy trying to whip up an anti-Muslim hysteria in the US to be distracted by the antics of India, which is a country they want to use in their Holy Crusades. Besides, who really cares about the lower castes of India anyway? Certainly not American Christians who support a caste system just about everywhere, with American Christians to be located exactly as the top caste. Christian America has kept entirely quiet about this violence in India, a violence they used to cry about when India was a more ‘non-aligned’ country (more aligned with the evil communist Soviet Union, say..) .

Speaking of how crazy the American Christian community can get, did anybody notice The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial today? No? … lol… Well it railed and ranted against what they declared was an atheist who wanted to behead 2 people for merely being Christians! I kid you not! They called the gun toting neighbor who knocked out one eye of the drunk (for that’s all this fight was really about, a drunk acting out) a ‘hero’, since he had guns! Oh Whooptee Doo!

Yes, it seems that with Sarah Palin now in the act nationwide, that the Right Wing Christian community thinks its time once again for their rampaging loonieness to prevail big time? God save us from your followers, PLEASE. And God save us from The Gazette’s editorial nutiness, too.

And, God, you might notice that some of your good people are getting the shit kicked out of them in India? Oh so what? It’s forward march to kill some more Muslims time, is it not? God is great! America is God! Forward Christian soldiers!

4 thoughts on “US Christians stay mum about Hindu violence against Christians in India

  1. You guys have all the time to discuss about Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Pigs and Lips Stick as the world watches on, but no time to alleviate the sufferings of Indian Christians.

    Do not worry God is with us. Rescue and Salvation will come from him.

  2. Speaking of hhow crazy people in Colorado Springs can get..I was just ignored and disrespected by a class of high school students. They ignored my authority as a substitute and talked about stuff like the people they had sex with at a party and the ugliness of anti-abortion videos.

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  4. otoh, everything in china is open season for the western, especially the yankee press. tibet, tw, christians, muslim issues, you name it.

    the reason is very simple.
    india is an uncle sham fan club, aka the teflon club member—-nuthin sticks.
    china isnt.

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