Democratic Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, is one sorry ass mother

Ray Nagin and Dubya BushRay Nagin is a typical sorry ass Democratic Party hack. Like all of these mothers, Ray likes to help out the Republicans both rhetorically and concretely. When the Republicans wanted to ethnically clean the City of New Orleans by tearing down and not rebuilding public housing, they had a a friend in Ray. And what will stand out about the Hurricane Gustav that never really fully materialized, will be Ray’s waving the rhetorical shotgun against supposed future ‘looters’. Commentator David Zirin at Znet summed up Nagin’s threats against ‘looters’ below…

‘New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin said over the weekend, “Anybody who’s caught looting in the city of New Orleans will go directly to Angola [Louisiana State Penitentiary]. You will not have a temporary stay in the city. You go directly to the big house, in general population.”

Considering that many of the so called looters after Katrina, were fighting for their lives, and considering that the media had color-coded looters, with white residents classified as heroes, the implications of Nagin’s dictate is chilling. It’s horrifying to think that they could be laying their head in the former slave plantation known as Angola.’

His full commentary, Gustav & the Dome, give a good view of how the Republican US federal government is playing with the people of New Orleans, with Democratic Party Mayor Ray Nagin fully on board assisting with their crimes of neglect, corruption, and overt racism.

Might we ask ourselves, too, isn’t Ray Nagin exactly how an elected Barack Obama most likely would become? Ray Nagin seems like the perfect Democratic Party model for such a politician like Obama. None of Obama’s foreign policy plans seem to be a threat in the least to the now current Republican Party agenda. And Ray Nagin has not been a threat to their New Orleans agenda either.

When Nagin made his threats against his imaginary ‘looters’, he had just rushed back into the city from the Democratic Party Convention in Denver. It’s all photo op for these guys any way, and he was needed to show ‘unity’ with the Republicans in New Orleans more than grandstanding with Biden and Obama at the convention.

One wonders, what will it take for our country to get fed up with the likes of these guys? They come as a team, and as a team they must finally be thrown out for anything to ever change.

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