Will Dems Make Cheney President?

Scapegoat Bush. As I write this, impeachment hearings are ongoing in the House. I have the sinking feeling that this could backfire on the Democrats, not because it will fail, but because it could pass. Remember, Cheney isn’t being impeached, and would become president if it succeeds. True, Cheney has been the one actually in control for the last eight years, so little would change, but what if he wants his own Presidential Library? He could signal to GOP incumbents that they have the opportunity to separate themselves from the disastrous “Bush” Administration’s reputation in November by dumping Bush, possibly leaving the GOP in control of Congress after the next election. It would also open up the surprise possibility of Cheney taking the GOP nomination in August, instead of McCain, who’s a loser in most Republican minds. Just a thought, a sick disturbing thought to ponder.

Americans, too dumb to vote? Think about the last two elections before you answer that.

Banana Republicans. Bush bans State Dept. officials from attending Obama rally. And don’t even think about voting for him November!

Reward offered for the arrest of Secretary of State/War Criminal Condi Rice.

Obama visits Berlin, speaks to crowd of hundreds of thousands; McCain visits German restaurant, orders early bird special. Just just couldn’t make this shit up!

What politics has devolved into. The lesser of two Devils?

Ouch. Hillary campaign manager McAuliffe endorses VA Gov. Tim Kaine — not Hillary — for VP slot.

McCain makes another major gaffe, calling Iraq the first major military conflict after 9/11, and once again CBS edits it out to cover up for him. Why don’t they want America to know that he’s incompetent to order pizza, much less be President and Commander in Chief?

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 25, thomasmc.com.

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2 Responses to Will Dems Make Cheney President?

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Many as McCain’s elderly crinkets and crotchetty mannerisms are, Darth Cheneys are far worse.

    Not that you can see it in his gait or hear it in his speech,… yet…

    But then there’s the whole issue behind CheneyCare.

    The notion that all Americans deserve the level of health care afforded to him.

    The proverbial airborne fecal material made violent contact with the rotary motorized air circulation device last December when one of his pet insurance companies denied a young lady a liver transplant, even though she had a donor, had the approval of the transplant team, had it all in fact,… except funding from the Cigna folks.

    it was pointed out, many times, even Before she died, that if the same criteria had been applied to Dickless Cheney about his pacemaker he would have been denied.
    Age, health and lifestyle.

    Getting drunk while under the influence of Heart Condition isn’t a good idea, but he got sloppy drunk enough that he couldn’t tell the difference between a two pound bird and a 180 pound Texas lawyer.
    He wouldn’t do it in public, of course, but it’s my bet he still smokes.

    Sure gets bent out of shape over the Tobacco Settlement. Sounds like it’s more than a matter of money, know whut I mean?

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Also (I got roped into running errands in the middle of writing) it means The Dickless Wonder is not destined to Walk This Vale Of Tears much longer.

    Pacemakers only work when you take care of yourself. Other than that they would just be a painful surgically implanted invasive alien object making your life miserable.

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