America’s biggest entitlement program is the Pentagon and Obama will cut Social Security before he will ever cut the military budget down to size

Obama is primed to carry his con game forward. Obama turns to budget, health care, entitlements …Notice how the military is missing? Why is that? The Pentagon simply is America’s biggest entitlement program and the biggest welfare program in the history of the Universe.

Obama has shown no desire other than to initiate a few cosmetic changes of the For Profit Medical System, while giving hundreds of billions to the banks and financial ponzi operators. With Social Security, he cannot keep it even as it currently is which is a program shot full of holes, if he is going to send more troops off to war and allow the bloated Pentagon Welfare Scam to continue as always. Watch out Social Security which there is little of to begin with. Do you feel socially secure now? If not, then join hundreds of millions of other Americans.

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