To think some of them live in our town…

Murdering coward Minutemen. This is one of their latest outrages. The robbery and murder of an American Latino family. Actually they left one survivor, but the father and his NINE year old daughter were mowed down in their own homes.

Michelle Malkin and Tancredo must be so very proud….

Shawna Forde, leader of Minutemen American Defense, is one of three individuals arrested June 12 by sheriff’s detectives in Pima County, Arizona, for the murder of a Mexican American man and his nine-year-old daughter.

Based in Washington State, Forde’s group is one of several border militia groups nationwide that refer to themselves as “Minutemen,” including also the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, of which Forde is also a former leader. Profiles of Forde and her nativist activities are available from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

According to authorities, Forde and her two accomplices, Jason Eugene Bush and Albert Robert Gaxiola, broke into the home of Raul Flores and his family in Arivaca AZ on May 30th, apparently in the commission of a robbery. The invaders reportedly shot all three members of the Flores family who were present at the time, killing the father and daughter and leaving the mother wounded. While Bush is the suspected gunman in the shootings, investigators say Forde was the mastermind of the operation (KOLD). Nine-year-old murder victim Brisenia Flores is pictured here from the local Green Valley News:

The fellow who posted this didn’t include the picture mentioned.

The news report was from Washington State where Ms Forde’s bloc of the Terrorist Cartel have their headquarters.


Forde’s mother tells the Everett WA Herald that she was not surprised to hear of her daughter’s arrest since she had previously talked of staging home invasions: “She sat here and said that she was going to start a group where they went down and start taking things away from the Mexican mafia…,” Forde’s mother recalled, “…She was going to kick in their doors and take away the money and the drugs.” Forde’s mother also says that her daughter called her a few hours after the shootings May 30 and reported that she was taking refuge in a “safe house” in Arivaca: “I’m in hiding,” Forde told her mother, “You won’t believe what is going down here…. The mafia, they are kicking down doors and they are shooting people and they are looking for me.”

Yep, they feel that if somebody is Mexican AMERICAN they’re entitled to take away anything the person has. Including his life and that of his daughter.

Interesting that they were also looking for drugs.

A glorified Dope Run. By people who say they’re into “Law and Order”.

6 thoughts on “To think some of them live in our town…

  1. If these men committed the crimes, then they should be punished, just like the criminals which reside in the tent city in arizona. (which i agree with, BTW). I started to defend the minutemen organization, but i only agree that land owners , and those that they ask have the right to defend their land from any intruders (foreign or domestic) not the border in general. I’m all for shooting intruders on my land, but not on public land.

  2. The Minutemen exploit the notion that they’re only targeting Illegal Immigration.

    Which isn’t the truth and, they knew it before they started.

    What’s amazing is the incident happened 3 weeks ago and there’s no reporting on it locally, even though Michelle Malkin, one of the leaders or at least spokespersons for it, and Tancredo, are locals.

    The guy who posted it to a different forum where I picked it up, is a former Seattle cop who lives in Vancouver now, and his wife is a Deputy Solicitor General to the Crown Court of British Columbia, the Canadian equivalent of a DA.

  3. I’m for the “publicly stated” principle of the minutemen in protecting our borders from foreign invasion, but these guys are just thugs, and are no better than a lynch mob.

  4. See, that’s the deal. The SA “Brownshirts” touted themselves as an auxiliary police force. So does the Klan, to this day.

    That the Minutement very openly consort with the Klan is their right, freedom of association.

    Which, like the statement about “wearing identification to alert unsuspecting citizens to the fact that they’re dangerously stupid”.

    Let them associate, that way they’re easier to identify… And oppose.

    When the Army is reduced, as it is, to lengthening arbitrarily the Time In Service “stop-loss” and to, as it has, relaxing the “Morals” standards for recruitment, the notion of people going around in Paramilitary uniforms and toting automatic weapons and pretending to be military…

    Either they lack the courage to be Real Soldiers, or they can’t pass even the overly stretched entrance requirements.
    Since they also express loudly and often their support for the continuance of the War, their choice to stay civilians but pretend to be soldiers, and intimidate Americans and non-citizens alike smacks heavily of hypocrisy.

    “Defending the borders” takes on some not-very-simple implications and rather quickly.

    One is that virtually every Indian tribe on the southern border has triple citizenship, that of their own sovereign tribe, that of the United States and that of Mexico.

    The notion of closing the borders entirely runs straight into long-standing treaties between the three parts of any such sovereignty agreement.

    The same standards apply to the Northern Border tribes as well.

    Another is profiling. Who do you stop? Me, for instance, because I “look mex”?

    I’ll explain that later in the Taser thread.

    The Border Patrol will detain me, even if for the length of time it takes for a “stop and hassle” shakedown.

    But they don’t stop and hassle, far less disarm, a domestic Terrorist group who have a racial agenda, stated as such, and who would also stop and hassle me.

    Without providing any identification beyond looking down the muzzles of their submachine guns.

    I would have every Right under the sun and moon to tell them to fuck off, but they claim the right to detain, by use of deadly force if “necessary” anybody they wish.

    That means “blow my shit in the weeds and leave my corpse to the coyotes”.

    And the Border Patrol and Army do NOTHING about them.

    Their “publicly stated” principle is to declare war on civilians for nothing more than being poor, for committing the so-called “crime” of poverty.

  5. Copy Cat seems to want to claim the role of being Mr. Libertarian Super Individualist, yet listen to him take the Big Government´s side on their drawing lines on maps and hunting down people like animals at will that cross their stupid survey lines! What a free spirit you are NOT, Copy Cat. You are just another gunman guarding the gated community you feel yourself petty stock owner of.

  6. It ties neatly with the NATIVE sovereignty the NATIVISTS seem so quick to ignore…

    The entire town of Deadwood (also Sturgis) was a “Criminal Tent City” to paraphrase our young friend, of Very Heavily Armed and Hostile Illegal Aliens… just on Indian-American land instead of “regular” American land. Another direct violation of the Laramie Treaties.

    Like the Army ever gave two shits about it unless it was, for instance, Sioux, Blackfeet and Cheyenne on Crow land to make medicine against Deadwood… which was the rationale for Custer taking that final ride, on a “punitive expedition” because the Indians had violated terms of a treaty that 7 people had signed, none of whom had actually read it and signed it by “touching the pen” while a Soldier-boy wrote the approximate english translation of that persons name.

    Incidentally, the tribes weren’t making medicine because of Deadwood actually BEING on “their land” because they didn’t consider it to be anybody’s property…

    It’s because the Black Hills are the heart of the Earth-mother and these jackasses, digging for gold the way they’re now digging for Coal, were breaking the heart of the Earth-Mother.

    And of course shooting or hanging any “redskin” who came within viewing distance of “Their” newly acquired land claims.

    The final chapters of the Indian Wars (at least until 1911 when we were all “given” citizenship in a land we’ve been in for 10,0000 years) were ALL about “them injuns is off the reservation agin, colonel”

    All about arbitrary lines drawn on a map.

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