Corrupt Donkey pounds the Corrupt Elephant

Republicans and DemocratsWASHINGTON (AP) — Tom Daschle collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars in fees in the last two years speaking to leaders of the industry President Barack Obama wants him to reform as the administration’s health secretary. Daschle earned $220,000 from health care industry

And then there’s that other Barack Obama appointed ruler and tax cheater caught named Timothy Geithner, the tax code’s poster boy, as an LA Times opinion piece calls him. Democratic Party corruption rises to the top under Obama!

The National Rifle Association and Republican Party corruption of the Bush Klan was ahead of Tom Daschle in the matchup in the past, but Tom is now once again pounding away at the elephants!

We are but the mere spectators and well taxed at this point of the contest, in who is the most corrupt, Donkey or Elephant? Do we have a winner? Tom? Are you OK?

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  1. Avatar Jen says:

    Left this link on a comment at nytimes, thansk. aint the taxes, was the bling he got from pill pushers

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