Don’t eat at Chipotle Grill- it’s not food with integrity

Attack of the Killer TomatoesEat ‘food with integrity’ rather than at a McDonald’s spinoff fast food chain that serves bad Mexican food and products picked by exploited laborers. No integrity there. 2008 Chipocrisy Tour …Don’t eat at Chipotle Grill until they change their ways.

Send Postcards to Chipotle
Pre-printed postcards to Chipotle are available from Interfaith Action, the Immokalee-based group that coordinates religious support for the CIW and is supported by the PC(USA). Just contact Brigitte Gynther by email or phone (239) 986-0688 to request the amounts you need.

Write Your Own Letters to Chipotle
We encourage you to write letters to the CEO of Chipotle, urging him to work with the CIW now.

Mr. Steve Ells, Founder and CEO
Chipotle Mexican Grill
1543 Wazee Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202-1443

See more about this campaign at Campaign for Fair Food

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4 Responses to Don’t eat at Chipotle Grill- it’s not food with integrity

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    They don’t pass the Jonah Taqueria Authentication Method.

    One that does is up on the east side, on the same parking lot as Home Depot, it’s a Carneceria with a Taqueria inside.

    You just have to look for it.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah, it’s just plain bad food at Chipotle Grill, Jonah. The Mexican food as a whole here in CS is not all that outstanding but still! And it’s not really all that inexpensive either.

    I’d rather eat at Taco Bell to tell you the plain honest truth. And even if they do ever settle with the farm workers on the price of tomatoes I will still most certainly personally boycott Chipotle Grill. It’s nothing moe than fast food for the fast with cash middle class… what that’s still around?

  3. Avatar fuck you says:

    you are stupid. Chipotle is not owned by McDonald’s. McD was an investor in Chipotle for several years. Since 2006, Chipotle has been completely independent of McDonald’s. Also, Steve Ells lives in New York City now…so you might want to address your concerns to Monty Moran who is the currenct CEO

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Man, that’s what you call being “Branded”.

    You’re upset because even though your favorite Commercial Corporate Enterprise was sold by one corporation to another corporation, somebody noticed it and pointed out that the Corporate Model of homogenized sterilized mass-produced-by-people-working-at-slave-wages (wages that don’t come close to matching the amount of money the slaves need to survive, thrive and, oh Heaven Forfend, actually rise in social and economic status the way the Capitalist Corporatist Liars say) really sucks. Or that they “Branded” it as being authentic Ethnic Food of a group that is one of the primary victims of their Corporate Slavery.

    Is any of this getting through to you? No? How about the word Branded itself.

    The Corporate Advertisers do tests from time to time to determine how thoroughly Branded the consumers are, one of the latest was done on Infants, toddlers, with barely a year of exposure to the advertisements, unfailingly reached for drink cups with the Coca-Cola logo on them than on similarly colored cups with the same drink inside. Kids who can’t even READ or for that matter, speak clearly, Branded.

    It also has the very ugly connotations of treating the consumers as the property of the Corporations. Branding them like cattle.

    Considering how much beef McDonalds and their Evil Twin Corporations process and sell, and while it’s living cattle “brand” it… that’s a disturbing thought.

    Soylent Green is People. That’s from a movie of the same name, good luck finding it.

    You’re more concerned with the name of the particular corporation who has Branded you, claimed you as their property, than you are over being claimed as nothing more than Property. A dissertation that Pepsi must be better than Coke because Coke is made by one corporate giant and Pepsi by another. Angry enough that you signed your name as “Fuck You”.

    Get a grip, son. No, really, get a tighter grip.

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