Get out of Juarez, thieving abusive Mexican government soldiers!

Mexicans are increasingly getting fed up with ‘Fecal’ Calderon’s militarization of their country, an act that comes directive of Washington D.C. See Mexican protesters block bridges into Texas …How much bloodshed in the name of a ‘war on drugs’ will the US government enforce against the Mexican people? It comes, too, as the plunge of the American economy itself is destroying the Mexican economy alongside it. Bloodshed, violence, torture, mayhem, poverty? Thanks, Uncle Sam!

2 thoughts on “Get out of Juarez, thieving abusive Mexican government soldiers!

  1. this is so out of control this is not supposed to be happening. Whoever wrote this is mentally retarted so erased this and do it all over again but, with a happy ending not a stupid and dorky idea.

  2. And who might you be, ‘Eli’? Another Internet Megaphone Israeli spammer with a name like the one you made up! You guys are just such total filth! And that’s as nice a term I can come up for you.

    Eli is Hebrew meaning ‘Ascend; my God’ and Reyes is ‘kings’ in Spanish. You stupid Zionist nitwits! You are just pure thugs and you say it in every post you make.

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