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Knesset makes BDS movement illegal, says boycotts, divestment & sanctions threaten Apartheid right to exist

Following their no hamfisted holds barred blocking of the Gaza aid flotilla, Israel yesterday declared illegal the rising domestic support for the BDS movement. The free speech ban extends even to non-Israelis in the occupied territories. Suggesting it’s not going … Continue reading

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Is it really illegal to boycott Israel?

It is not illegal for US consumers to boycott anyone’s products. But the business decisions of companies affiliated with Israel do enjoy some curious protective constraints…   It’s ironic that as the US enforces rigid sanctions against international companies which … Continue reading

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Boycott Coca-Cola for India’s water, Colombia’s unions and Israel Apartheid

OK, it’s a famously discredited fake-ad to slander Coke. They have no plans to rebrand the Dome of the Rock. But Israel may — and Coca-Cola is a sponsor. That’s why Coloradans For Peace are calling to boycott Coke, to … Continue reading

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Boycott Israel Apartheid this Christmas

In solidarity with the ONE MILE MARCH to free Gaza, on the one year anniversary of Israel’s genocidal incursion into Gaza, let’s kick start a Colorado Springs effort to support the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel, … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid

Interesting counterpoint in Ha’aretz this morning about the Goldstone Report on the recent war crimes committed in Gaza, where the UN commission found grounds to investigate both Hamas and Israel for violations.   Hamas rejects the charges based on population’s … Continue reading

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In Israeli Apartheid, you and I are black

Sorta-leftist websites are touting use-to-be-leftist Uri Avnery’s weekend article in Ma’an called “Tutu’s Prayer.” Where, the founder of Israel’s Gush Shalom (touted as “fairly far left” as opposed to grandfather- clause’d phony) argues against the BDS boycott of Israel and … Continue reading

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Don’t eat at Chipotle Grill- it’s not food with integrity

Eat ‘food with integrity’ rather than at a McDonald’s spinoff fast food chain that serves bad Mexican food and products picked by exploited laborers. No integrity there. 2008 Chipocrisy Tour …Don’t eat at Chipotle Grill until they change their ways. … Continue reading

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