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Syrian ‘truce’ negotiated by outsiders has a completely stillborn birth

That ‘agreement’ sure didn’t last long! It was made on Saturday and dead by Sunday morning. Syrian opposition rejects UN transition plan. When you were created by Uncle Sam and have Uncle Sam batting hard for you, then why settle for power sharing? Oh! But then there’s that small problem of China and Russia, too. They know what you ‘rebels’ and ‘opposition’ are up to, even if the entire world corporate press outside of these two countries is into playing stupid to one degree or other about what’s afoot. You’re now foot soldiers for the Pentagon and are waiting and willing to bide some time. No PEACE for you are the Syrian people as a whole because of that.

Obama Administration reaches agreement with itself to have US occupy Afghanistan forever

What a total fraud of a ‘withdrawal’! ‘After months of negotiations, the United States and Afghanistan completed drafts of a strategic partnership agreement on Sunday that pledges American support for Afghanistan for 10 years after the withdrawal of combat troops at the end of 2014.’ Further about this ‘agreement’ between the US government and itself at the New York Times article titled… With Pact, U.S. Agrees to Help Afghans for Years to Come …It’s time to throw the Republicans out of hte White House! Oh, wait? In our ‘democracy’ the US population only has a choice between two sets of Republicans- Republicans or Republicrats.