Great Moments in Tea Party History p.1

ColoradoCOLO. SPRINGS– Our city council is holding a special meeting this evening to address budget cuts to affect city services. Accustomed to the usual petitioners upset about lost bus routes and closed community centers, councilman Tom Gallagher wants to hear from the other side. He’s put out the call to see the anti-tax fervor which has delighted him at the local Tea Party rallies. Gallagher and Lamborn at yesterday’s town hall, seem to feel buoyed by this rising tide of white ignorant arrogance, an uncharitable anger at immigrants, social welfare and the black man who “occupies the White House.”

2 thoughts on “Great Moments in Tea Party History p.1

  1. –So how did Tom Gallagher the Clown perform tonight?

    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

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