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Teabonics parlee-voo

While we’ve been fussing about whether to dub them TEABAGGERS or just TEABAGS, someone’s honed in on the pejorative that binds them, TEABONICS –with apologies to African Americans whose variant dialect reflects cultural influence not lack of education or intelligence. … Continue reading

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Teabag Springs

TEABAG SPRINGS, COLORADO- How did it feel to hear Diane Sawyer talk about our city, poor as dirt, not for lack of resources, landmarks or climate, but so stupid, so corrupt and tax-averse, to have run ourselves straight out of … Continue reading

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Tea Party Patriot robes for tiny pee pees

COLORADO SPRINGS- This year for Halloween I’m dressing up like yokel heroes Sean Paige, Richard Randall, Tom Gallagher, and Doug Lamborn, the rabble-rousers behind our local Teabag mobs. They’re reveling in the white man anger, against immigrants, ACORN, and taxes … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Tea Party History p.1

COLO. SPRINGS– Our city council is holding a special meeting this evening to address budget cuts to affect city services. Accustomed to the usual petitioners upset about lost bus routes and closed community centers, councilman Tom Gallagher wants to hear … Continue reading

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I recognize the voice…

The female voice on the Tea-Party/Konservative Korporate Klan commercials, like “Health Care- Wrong for Colorado, wrong for America, Wrong for YOU”, “Energy Regulation, Wrong for Colorado, Wrong for America, Wrong for YOU!”, “Thinking for yourself – Wrong for Colorado, Wrong … Continue reading

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Calling the Tea Party “Patriots” what they really are gets you flagged

On Colorado Springs Craigslist. Chickenshit bastards. They’re murderers, pure and simple. Their latest outrage, the LYNCHING of Bill Sparkman in Clay County, Kentucky, just proves their lack of courage, honor or patriotism. But, the outrage doesn’t end there… The Local … Continue reading

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Teabag Constitution Day, Acacia Park

THE NOT-WITH-MY-TAXES PATRIOTS are holding another tea party tomorrow, to mark Constitution Day Sept 17, 11AM downtown in Acacia Park, where two friends got permission to table there tomorrow to represent the Special Olympics and pass out applications. It’s a … Continue reading

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Tea Party Tax Revolt ignorance-mongers rally their usual Republican supporters

COLORADO SPRINGS- The corporate media led by Fox News, local talk radio led by KVOR, and the Gazette editorial page itself, herded their red sheep into Acacia Park today for lunch-time speeches full of hate, ignorance, and good old-fashioned unapologetic … Continue reading

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Barack’s tea party

Obama has lunch with 4 presidents. Well isn’t that nice? I wonder what they discussed at the Barack’s tea party? Did they all discuss how to better pacify Iraq, Somalia, Palestine, and Afghanistan? Did they discuss just how bloody they … Continue reading

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