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harry the dirty dogThe swearing in of the White House Dog is upon us, as the ever vigilant American press reports that Obama’s dog may debut Tuesday! Unfortunately the President has decided to pick a Portuguese water dog simply because it has a cute and ‘IN’ brand name.

My entire family is certainly deeply depressed about this as we had expected that our very own Colorado Peace Dog, Dirty Harriet, would have made a much better pick, and WOULD HAVE BEEN PICKED, if Dennis Kucinich had only become President instead of the fake imitation liberal the DNC gave us on the sly. A peace dog was considered way too radical by Joe Biden to ever be allowed into the White House, so Dirty Harriet never got interviewed for the post.

At least, let us hope that the new dog is not executed like Hillary eventually did with Socks, the Cat. Though, before Socks died he did get much better medical care than Americans ever did out of the Clinton family. Unfortunately, Socks was no longer able to deliver the proper image for Hillary and so ‘had to be put to sleep’, as the expression goes. He was shedded, in other words.

We have no report yet about whether the Obama family will be getting any official aquarium fish, mice, gerbils, or hamsters? So we must sill wait with baited breath for any sign that other animals will be anointed by Barack, or not?

PETA officials say it is way too early to tell still, and are encouraging the Royal Family to release all chickens, pigs, cows, and frogs as a gesture of goodwill as they consider the animal world and their position about wild and domestic life. If not, they are planning to throw a shoe full of animal blood at the President at the earliest possible opportunity, though the woman doing it will be extremely sexy.

This also will be used as a test to find out if the policy on torture use has been changed any at all, or whether it has all been merely cosmetic words, by the now, not so New, Administration? Good luck, PETA. And good luck, Thanksgiving turkeys.

(NO PETA member was used or harmed in the writing of this report) Please write and let us know how you feel about the selection of the Portuguese water dog for executive dog. A good pick? Or a bad one?

7 thoughts on “Hot Dog!

  1. You do remember all of the hullabaloo made because one of the Obama daughters was allergic to most dogs and this breed was one of the least breeds to cause an allergic reaction, and they waited so long to find one that was a rescue dog… I don’t think trendy had anything to do with it. Nice try, though…

  2. So the family was in need of at least a designer hypo-allergenic dog and instead of getting no dog at all, was willing to sacrifice their child for the needs of the country! Now about the ‘rescue dog’ bit? Well?

    Well, how trendy! Rescue what one might ask? The country?

    Our dog is considered a ‘super dog’, too, and we simply would not have any mere yard dog in our household, as I tell her daily. She is a Colorado Peace Dog and is prepared to move out at a minutes notice to take up position as needed.

    As I mentioned, Dennis Kucinich would have found her to be more than a suitable ‘peace dog’, but the Obama family simply plans to employ a dog of war instead. Leon Panetta and this Portuguese ‘water dog’??? just what is that? A dog that will piss all over the place? YOU know what I mean?

    Thanks for writing us Christopher with your reactionary POV. All opinions are welcome though (some just more than others).

    You can’t help it, it does seem. You are simply severely infected with the lesser of two evil dogs POV. Have a good day!

  3. Actually Tony, I was just trying to figure out what you were saying in your snarky, condescending way. Perhaps if you gave some information and explained what you meant by the Colorado Peace Dog, is it a name you gave to the dog your family has no heart to take care of any longer and wants to give away? If you need to know more about resue dogs, go to, they rescue dogs that have been raised in cages by illegal breeders, one of the more recent ones was from Missouri where the breeder set fire to his barn with hundreds of dogs helpless inside.

    I know that we have to follow your post in an emotional riff kind of way because the individual sentences make no sense. It’s not my fault you don’t know what a Portugese Water Dog is, and have to make fun of others to cover your ignorance. Merely pointing out that the dog was chosen for another reason than you put forth makes me reactionary? Dude, you must be awfully young, you remind me of my college days…

    But Tony, I welcome you to visit my blog and even make comments. I make fun of both right and left political extremes. Maybe I can start quoting you…

    Notes From a Grumpy Old Man

  4. Christopher, I was just goofing off with my writing about the press’s attention to the rather mandatory Presidential selection of a dog. As to my own ‘Peace dog’, she is called this because she has gone to so many antiwar protests and vigils with us through the years. I can assure you that she is well taken care of and loved by my family, even if we do call her a ‘bitch’ at times. She is also known as ‘Tonta’.

    I was just joking about you being ‘reactionary’. The whole dog selection game is just cheap baloney for the press and there is no political angle to any of this. I was just acting silly with you.

    I do find the hypo allergenic side story about the dog selection to be a little of interest though. No dog is really all that hypo allergenic since they all shed at least some dander. My advice to Obama is to get rid of the rugs at home and put in some hard wood or tile flooring. And move the White House from the damp climate of D.C. to a higher dryer climate! We have allergies, too, but now don’t suffer like we did in the Coastal Texas area where we also had cats and dogs. Obama does not need to limit the range to choosing a Portuguese water dog or not. Personally I think he is just choosing a trendy sounding dog and not a hypo allergenic one for the Hollywood press. As you can see, I have thought a lot about the Presidential selection of this dog….NOT.

    You seem like a nice guy, Christopher, and I’m sure that you would get along with the Peace Dog and our Justice Cat if you were to meet them. Do you like animals and if so, do you have any at present? BTW, I like your blog and like its tongue and cheek quality.

    OOPs, just read that the name of the dog is going to be ‘Bobama’. I think I’m going to throw up my breakfast!

  5. Actually, Socks had not lived with the Clintons since 2001. They left him with Clinton’s White House secratary, Betty Currie. Socks was euthanized at the age of 20 due to terminal cancer of the throat and mouth. RIP Socks. One of the few White House residents whose mess in the White House was easy to clean.

  6. Tony,
    Peace be upon you, my brother.

    I have a cat, my sister has two dogs, and often fosters a sick dog from the milldog rescue folks. I donate time there and massage the animals, who either need the touch from a male that isn’t harmful; or I work out the knots from living for years in a small cage, often helping them to walk better or move their heads out of a slouching position. Being an old guy, I don’t have much of a life outside of the computer…

  7. Christopher, there are so many people out there that all that totally ignore their pets, or worse yet, actively mistreat them or try to make them turn vicious. I’m glad to see when people like yourself actually get pleasure from them, as does my family.

    As to Obama looking for a ‘rescue dog’ (puppy)? I find that hard to imagine in regards to their obtaining the Portuguese water dog, which sells for between $1,500 to about $3,000 as a puppy. Bo-bama, seems to be a yuppie selection, and not a mixed breed commoner choice.

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