Israel declined December cease-fire offer because it meant opening the Gaza border

A US media blackout is keeping the Gaza solidarity demonstrations out of the news, while repeating the mantra of Israel’s right to defend itself. Behind the media lies, the diplomatic records speak another story: Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December. Colorado Springs’ own Rabbi Donald Levy has been decrying in the local press how Israel is criticized “so deeply and so repeatedly…simply for defending its borders.” Speaking for the Jewish Community, Levy explained to KRDO how all Jews feel some connection to Israel, and that the community hopes recent events will lead to the destruction of Hamas.

The “destruction of Hamas?” Hamas members are the democratically elected representatives of Palestine! It’s one thing to call for “wiping Israel [an apartheid theocracy imposed upon Arabs] from the map.” Even Hamas is not cheerleading for a liquidation of all Israeli Likud Party members!

1 thought on “Israel declined December cease-fire offer because it meant opening the Gaza border

  1. I wondered about Rabbi Donald Levi and his synagogue, which one day when I was walking by was allowing the Springs Police to run a Swat Team exercise out of a house located exactly next to his temple that is used as empty building by the rather well healed congregation of Beit Torah. I was thinking to myself then,

    ‘What kind of religious outfit would have lend their religious facilities out for this ‘policing’ exercise?’

    Well now I know. A group of religious people that have no problem with Israel’s dropping Willy Pete (White Phosphorus) bombs on Gaza civilians would allow this sort of game playing to be done from their religious compound.

    A Christian Church located 2 blocks away seems of like mentality, since I still see a Bush bumpersticker on their Lutheran Church van. Looks like I live in a rather Jihadist neighborhood, doesn’t it? A neighborhood full of terrorists even!

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