KVOR advertising on Bus Stops…

And billboards.

For those who don’t live in or near the Springs, that’s our Local Right Wing Talk Radio AM station.
Hosting Limbaugh, Beck, Gunny Bob, Hannity, you know the ones…

So they’re now paying out what looks like a couple of Million dollars so far to advertise on the bus stops, and billboards and taxis and the local “news” paper…


They consistently boast that they’re a Number 1 station in the local ratings.

Maybe so. Colorado Springs once advertised itself as the most “conservative” city in America.

You would think that the local outlet for such luminaries as Rush and Hannity wouldn’t need to advertise… except, they are.

And doing it expensively.

To quote Mr Dylan, “the times, they are a-changin’…”

I’ll go for that and order a second helping.

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