Two Right Wing Talking Points from Shooter von Brunn

Straight from the horses ass, Rush Limbaugh (and Mark Levin) and straight into the obligatory Shooter’s Manifesto. This makes three that failed in their attempts to suicide themselves to Right-Wing-Glory, worshipped by the American Taliban as fallen martyrs… but in the case of Adkinsson, Church Shooter who was aiming to shoot the children on stage when the gun was finally wrestled away from him, and von Brunn, and not a coincidence The Same Shit KVOR talk radio puts out, President Obamas birth certificate and George Bitch’s non-existent service record. First up, Contestant George B.

Seems the Right Wing Cult have been instructed by their High Priests to mock any attempts to prove that George coWard Bush didn’t finish out his Service Obligation. it was in both shooters manifestos.

Trouble is, the disputed discharge papers, “proven” false by none other than George Bush Sr’s Counterfeit Experts, who got their expertise by forging documents for anti-Nazi and anti-Communist groups…

Were the ONLY papers that actually demonstrate George Bush Jr actually serving. At All.

A convenient fire at the National Archives is to blame for that. Or so the Right Wing say.

President Obamas Birth Certificate, an issue pushed by Neo-Nazi group StormFront and their willing mouthpieces Levin, Limbaugh and Jerome Corsi, centers on a document thoroughly investigated by the FBI, DHS, DoJ,I.C.E., CIA and DoD, (Pentagon) amongst other Groovie Initials.

All of whom were under the direct command of “the decider” George Bitch.

None of them found any fault with the documentation.

So that leaves a couple of explanations, three in fact, all of them unpalatable to the Right Wing Para-Religious Cult.
The government investigative teams the Right Wing Cult keeps saying are “keeping us safe” at the expense of a few rights and freedoms that nobody important was using anyway are suddenly incompetent to detect a forged birth document, thus the billions upon billions of dollars spent on them were wasted.


These same government teams were part of a vast Commie Liberal plot to put a Sleeper Agent in power, in which case the same scenario about their usefulness at the expense of Public Funds and those rights which nobody important was using anyway.


More likely

The Birth Certificate is in fact valid and the only possible use the Right Wing Cult has for keeping the shit stirred is to wire up lunatics to attack other Americans

They’ve done a spectacular job of Domestic Terrorism so far.

4 thoughts on “Two Right Wing Talking Points from Shooter von Brunn

  1. The Three shooters who failed in their suicide attempts (but unfortunately, managed to kill REAL brave persons) in reverse order von Brunn, Roeder and Adkinsson.

    Judging from this weeks Hate Speech they’re ramping up for another attempt, probably on the 4th of July.

    Rush Limbaugh is a waste of 300 pounds of perfectly good dogshit wrapped in 27 square feet of skin.

  2. 1. I really don’t think King Dubya fulfilled the terms of his contract to serve in the national guard.

    2. I truly believe Obama is not a natural born citizen of the united states.

    3. Neither of these matters, because all the politicians involved have covered things up, and muddled the issues so thoroughly that the truth will never come out.

    The point is moot. —Jesse Jackson

  3. Both matter here because we have a town that’s about half full of people who voted for Sarah Failin’ and think she’ll make an Exxon-lent president in 2012.

    The shooters being wired up by Right Wing Radio are getting more en”courage”ment to do so, on Monday local Radio Station “the cat” Country and Western a morning DJ urged a man who’s in a dispute with his Condo home-owners association over his flag to “Get a .50 caliber Sniper Rifle”.

    Yeah, that’s the Civilized way to resolve issues, shoot your neighbors, your Fellow Americans.

    But it’s not Anti-American in any way because the Right Wing declared them to not be American.

    Just like they declared WITH NO PROOF that President Obama isn’t “American”.

    The Freak pushing it the hardest is Rush Limbaugh, and his source is an American Neo-Nazi group called Stormfront.

    Sure, Neo-Nazis telling Americans to KILL Americans is a “moot point”.

    Laugh it off, dismiss it, the only people who will get killed are “anti-American” anyway, right?

  4. I’m sorry, I try to ignore Rush when he’s on a rant. (too much caffeine :))

    You know I’m all about the contract. If the guy signed a contract with the homeowner’s association, and the contract prohibits whatever behavior he is engaging in, then i don’t see where the problem is. He is just as much a crybaby as those people who bought all those houses with loans they couldn’t afford, and boo hoo’d that they were the victims. If he didn’t read the contract, he’s an idiot. If he read it, and signed it, and breaks it, he’s an idiot. Bottom line if you don’t like the terms of the contract, don’t sign the thing, and if you do sign it, don’t cry about it.

    On the Obama birth certificate thing, it is on the one who wants to hold an office, to PROVE he is eligible for that office, not for his detractors to prove he is not. I believe he is not, but I also accept that it is a dead issue and no longer worthy of discussion.

    On the issue of promoting violence, the only justifiable use of violence is in the defense of one’s life, or property. I believe that each individual is ultimately responsible for his own actions. Is it morally reprehensible to carry out an assault on another human being? Yes. Is it morally inexcusable to promote the assault of another human being? Yes, absolutely. Should such speech be controlled, or banned, altogether? Absolutely not. To ban ANY speech not only violates a person’s right to freedom of expression (that being dangerous in itself) it also removes some of the responsibility for carrying out those assaults from the individual who commits these horrible acts. It sets up an environment where the attacker is a “victim” and “wasn’t responsible for his actions” it was “someone else’s fault” when the attackers are obviously responsible, and should be held accountable for their crimes. Kinda like when a street thug claims he is not responsible for robbing a store, he did it , but he was poor, or he grew up in a bad neighborhood, or any number of other excuses for his criminal behavior. Bottom line: the person assaulted someone, he is responsible, and should pay for his crime.


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