Is NPR blocking health care reform?

If the corporation from which you get your news is NOT TELLING YOU that the US could give its citizens Universal Health Care for less than the cost of today’s system, and could do so tomorrow by expanding Medicare offering free medical care to all like every other developed nation, then they are lying to you. How can you expect any reform if the status quo defends itself with the complicity of the corporate media. That includes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, all the more duplicitous for pretending to serve the “public.” The CPB’s underwriters are big oil, big agra, big pharma, the banks and the insurance villains. Listen closely and you can still hear NPR News pronounce the question mark after “Global Warming.”

NPR’s corporate clients, whose PR firms dictate the news show content, represent a near complete lineup of the opponents of the public interest. How then do NPR member radio stations have the nerve to solicit listener contributions? Our local NPR member KRCC is scheduled to begin its fund drive next weekend. Perhaps this is a fine time to question why they subscribe to a news outlet which stands between you and health care reform.

Now is no time to quibble whether NPR is lesser evil than Fox. If they distort the mandates which brought President Obama to office, if they cite polls which misrepresent the public, if they hedge their bets by protecting the insurance industry, they serve you not the least. We are better off with no NPR, than a program which poses as a progressive-leaning perspective, informed by educated commentators, only supply a fraudulent left which places the bipartisan “center” fully on the side of the conservative right.

Do you want health care, or any reforms at all? You’ll need an honest media.

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  1. Avatar Dwight Bobson says:

    People who criticize President Obama do so for reasons that have “nothing to do with his race,” a new poll of white people indicates.
    According to the poll, which was conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, those who take issue with the President do so because of his “questionable birth certificate,” his “love of socialism,” and his “Hitler-like health plan,” but “not because of race.”
    A significant number of Mr. Obama’s critics “strongly agree” with the statement, “I don’t have any problems with Obama being black, but I do have a problem with him being a socialist from Kenya who is trying to kill my grandmother.”
    Professor Davis Logsdon, who conducted the survey, says that the poll is “full of good news” for Mr. Obama: “It indicates that race is no longer an issue in America, but a foreign-born president trying to institute a Nazi-slash-socialist euthanasia plan is.”

    Elsewhere in the news, Fox News host Glenn Beck called for stricter limits on the nation’s IQ.

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