Obama’s faith-based outreach office? Oh spare us, PLEASE!

snake“He [Obama] created a 25 member advisory council and named 15 of its members yesterday, including several high-profile evangelicals — the Rev. Joel Hunter, senior pastor of a Florida megachurch, and the Rev. Frank Page, president emeritus of the Southern Baptist Convention — as well as representatives from secular nonprofits, which largely had little association with Bush’s faith-based initiative. The council members are to advise the faith office on policy but will not play a direct role in allocating federal grants. The office will be headed by Joshua DuBois, a 26-year-old Pentecostal who worked on religious issues for Obama’s campaign.”

This is really sick stuff! Obama is trying to erase the line between secular and religious with this nonsense, as it just keeps getting worse with this president! What a total numbskull he is!

He’s assembling torturers, religious charlatans, crooks, war mongers, and cons all together into his government, and doing it all under the name of Unity! We’re all going to be ‘born again’ in ‘Lincoln’! Wow!

Faith-based office to expand its reach under Obama. Yes, I suppose it will…. Good Grief!

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