SFSG special forces have no use for armor

Supacat Jackal MWMIK
Three British paratroopers died Friday when their Jackal High Mobility Truck exploded over an IED in Afghanistan.
Fortunately Supacat UK, manufacturer of the Jackal HMT400 4X4, supplies an exploded view for our safer perusal.

To complement the MWMIK, or Mobility Weapons Mounted Installation Kit, Supacat added a BALLISTIC PROTECTION KIT (brown), a MINE BLAST PROTECTION KIT (red), and MINE BLAST PROTECTED SEATS (orange).

None of which helped the soldiers of the Special Forces Support Group, who were all killed by the mine blast, before the Taliban fighers advanced with a coordinated attack of gunfire. So much, perhaps, for the mine blast protection. But in actuality, it doesn’t take a diagram to reveal that the Jackal offers very little cover for its occupants.

Let’s guess this open air design is for maximum range of fire, so that the three big guns of the MWMIK can most effectively be brought to bear upon the less special forces of the Afghans. Remember the high caliber machine gun on the little jeep in the British Rat Patrol? Multiply that times three, minus the hood or dash.

UK Jackal High Mobility Truck for SFSGDoesn’t the holey thing look like a dune buggied version of the robotic cargo loader in Aliens? Ripley’s unlikely, erotically vulnerable cage from which she slammed hydraulics into the Alien Queen.

It probably isn’t all that difficult to convince macho SAS brits that the best defense is a high speed offense, and anyway, three fewer survived to get wise.

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