Six Days in Fallujah if you missed the fun

Screenshot of Six Days in Fallujah first person shooter by AtomicAs virtual-gaming distributer Konami reconsiders its release of SIX DAYS IN FALLUJAH, gaming pundits ask “Is it too early to role-play the Second Battle of Fallujah?” To non-US-vets it’s known simply as “Fallujah,” as one would denote Lidice or Srebrenica, by name alone. I don’t know, when will it be appropriate to satiate the nostalgic veteran gamer’s appetite to reenact war crime?

The obvious sarcastic question would be to ponder if White Phosphorous is among the player’s arsenal. Likewise, in “free fire zones” where US rules of engagement permitted the shooting of anything that moved, do you accumulate points for killing the civilians or running them over with your tank?

It would be interesting to see how Atomic Games, neighbor of Blackwater, reenacts the raid on the Fallujah hospital, or the strafing of refuges trying to cross the river when US forces had blocked the infamous Blue Bridge. Are key episodes actionable, or do you sit by as the game cycles through the script, where women and very young children were let to pass to safety, but men and boys were forced to back to the city to be dispatched automatically as combatants.

Is there a game version of My Lai? Perhaps the entire manslaughter safari of the Tiger Force Unit in Vietnam. My guess is there would be plenty of takers. How about the Russian destruction of Chechnya, or the assault on the Warsaw Ghetto? Why not?

Until it becomes okay to blend hypothetical roleplay with real human tragedy, gamers will have to be satisfied with fictional scenarios like Grand Theft Auto and Chainsaw Massacre. I wonder if Amazon already has preorders for customers salivating at the first chance to replay the Manson LaBianca-Tate escapades, Ted Bundy’s cross-country trek, or if they’re jonesing over Iraq, the Haditha tea party and barbecue.

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  1. Yeah, looking forward to the near future when “gamers” who believe killing is a good thing become a significant both voting bloc and part of the enlistment pool for the Imperial Army is rather dismal. But could you really blame somebody for not wanting to look forward to that particular “game”?

    One thing the Army said in conjunction with the similar Call to“DUTY”Modern Warfare 2 “game” where you’re awarded extra points for War Crimes, like targeting Children and other Civilians, is that most of the LOSER CHICKENHAWKS who play it won’t ever make it to active combat duty. Something about being both mentally and morally deficient. That and the obesity factor from sitting around their parents’ basements eating junk food and playing video “games” all day.

    So, when you play MW2, do you use that modification of it, where the battlefield is “Skid Row” of an American city, and you get to blow up, burn, bludgeon, dismember, stab, shoot, impale and just in various nasty ways kill AMERICANS for the crime of being poor?

    I just bet you’re “looking forward” to getting some of your best buds, if you can lure them out of the basements, and going down to “Skid Row” and lighting the place up.

  2. Bumping for Relevance, not only with the disclosure of the Massive Birth disorders by the BBC, but also there was a Right Wing Freak who wrote to express his outrage about my pointing out that the Fallujah Four, who got their murderous arses hanged on the bridge, got exactly what they dish out.

    That and he was promoting a book he’d written and that’s supposed to hit the bookshelves this week praising the Coward Ass Murdering Scum “Crusaders” at Blackwater as though they’re actually some kind of heroes.

    I would almost guarantee that he’s going to comment here in order to plug his Propaganda Book.

  3. Congrads on using a photoshopped picture to imply the game would have shooting of little old ladies. Your just as twisted as the rest of the world. Just having the gun pointed towards her wasn’t strong enough for your point, it needed a fake muzzle flare? or did you just find it on the internet and claim it as your own cause it showed the “evil of soldiers man…” you don’t even know what will be in the game yet, and you already denounce as if your all knowing and wise. It’s extremist views like yours that swing people against your causes, just like the “bush years” drove people to the left.

  4. The hell you say. Since when is saying that Killing is Murder “Extremism”? YOU’RE the one advancing the Extremist notion that Killing is good, and simulated killing is FUN.

    It’s extremist views like YOURS, that killing is good, and that Simulated killing is better (mostly because you won’t have anybody shooting back at you) that show people clearly how fucked up the entire Right Wing Warmongering Mentality is. Doesn’t drive them in any direction, as though they have no freedom to think… it does provide really good evidence that shows Non-Extremist thought, like the notion that War Is Not A Good Thing, to be worth looking into.

    Prove it was photoshopped. Prove that killing people for amusement is good. Prove that’s not what you’re doing.

    How would shooting men who are defending their homes from Imperialist conquerors, going in with massive firepower and every technological advantage, to FORCE them to accept YOUR ideology, YOUR worship of “The Almighty” (dollar) and more importantly give YOU their gas and oil at a price YOU want to pay….

    WOULD that be less immoral or less murderous than killing a woman? And how exactly would it be moral?
    If some foreign conquerors came to YOUR house and shot you and your dad to death in your own living room, but not your mom, would they be any less murderers, any less TERRORISTS?
    But that’s exactly the arrogant reasoning behind the Iraqi invasion and the subjugation of the Iraqi people. Even the lying pukes who started the war, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, George Bush, Karl Rove, they say that the reason they had to send Other People To Do Their Dirty Work For THEIR profit, say that “Saddam Hussein defied the New World Order– he had to be taken out because he didn’t comply with OUR Imperial wishes”

    I think, too, JJ, that your fantasies about killing people make you dangerous to anybody helpless enough to merit you targeting them. Kids, pets, disabled and elderly people… your mom if she doesn’t put enough sugar on your Cap’n Crunch in the morning… or tells you to get a job and move the hell out of her basement….

    A pedestrian walking down the street if you happen to have enough of your friends with you to embolden you to take action, perhaps?

  5. “Prove it was photoshopped. Prove that killing people for amusement is good. Prove that’s not what you’re doing.”

    i noticed you skipped a few steps in your thought process. I love that you assume that because i defend peoples right to play these games that it means i play these games. Banning game content is equal to banning movie content. People have the freedom to choose, let them. And if they do fulfill their “fantasies” then outlawing the game is like outlawing a war dream. Let people live their own life. they aren’t hurting anyone sitting at home in front of a tv. There has been no legit study done to prove violent video games lead to violent people. desensitized, maybe. Is ‘lil mikey’ going to kill his mother if he didn’t like the cereal…

    read your last comment. you ranted more about the war itself then the game. stop blurring the line between the to arguments. The games not even out yet. how do you know gamers don’t watch the internal struggle of the soldiers when confronted with moral dilemmas. You’ve taken a game, and turned it to the extreme scenario to ganged up teenagers raping and pillaging the look corner market.

    If you take issue with content, IN ANY MEDIA FORM, then don’t buy, watch, support. Silence is deafening. If enough people don’t do those things they will go away with time. After all, in the need it is about “the almighty” dollar as you cliche-ly put it.

  6. Modding games is nothing new, and these games ARE being heavily modded. The scenes of people targeting women and children ane “real” in that either the childish wannabee-terrorists who play the games get points for committing War Crimes, just like the REAL Army does, or they mod the games to allow it.

    Then they post it on YouTube. YouTube deleted the video of “Call to Duty Modern Warfare2 – Skid Row” because it violated their terms of service on several levels. One of which was using copyrighted material (the images from the original game, (even though the scenery and characters were modded)

    Where you tubby little chumps fantasize blowing away homeless PEOPLE in America. Which is another violation of YouTube policy. It goes along with, and probably the sources are the same Lame-ass Losers who do the gaming, schoolboys ganging up on other kids, slapping them around, and boastfully posting their videos of their Hate Crimes on-line.

    So it’s not a really intellectually advanced crowd you hang with, bubba.

    As to that picture you object to, if it was “photoshopped” it was done by somebody who knows the game. AND somebody who had access to the as-yet-unpublished game.

    You’re asserting that it was, indeed a photoshopped image pay atenction, fool, it’s important From the Original Game

    That means either the developers or the Beta testers of the game did whatever modifications to the scene.

    Now, the Pentagon says not to worry, because they don’t anticipate any of y’all gamers actually ever being in Combat. Or “not that many”.

    They cite the level of education and the levels of physical fitness and the Psychological Profiles of the “gamers”.

    So if you want to dispute the assessment of Gamers as being lazy, crazy and ignorant, (and childish beyond belief) then the proper agencies to whom you should direct your Silly-ass complaints would be the Pentagon, and of course the Developers, Beta Testers and clients of your favorite games.

    People who modify their games to get extra points for “kllling kids” even though the kids are electronic phantoms, and having your Team do a commando-raid on Hemeless People’s camps where 5 of the “team” hold the “bums” at gunpoint and two others douse them with gasoline and light them on fire… see, Bubba, THOSE are the ones who give “gaming” the reputation of being the pastime of overgrown Infants who just don’t have the nerve or the verve or the Physical Presence to commit the actual assaults on actual people.

    But thank you for your contribution. Confirmation of the above described attitudes is always welcome.

  7. do a google image search and look at the graphical screen shots from the game. Then look at the “deleted scene”. not the lighting, color, texture, ect are all off. even the muggle flashs are different. That was a picture of a soldier taking cover. while a lady approaches. he’s probable scared out of his mind just as much as she is. He doesn’t know if someone strapped a bomb to her. The fact is stuff like that does go on.

    the screen shot is not from the game… at any point of development. There was no beta out at the time of this point in the, they game had jut been announced.

    i like what your aiming for, a better tomorrow and world peace, but getting rid of a game isn’t even on the top 100 list of shit to do to make the world better. Our lives are a short, and relatively pointless on the larger scale. let the people to unwind while playing these types of game just exist.

    Ask yourself, how is your life improved by taking away these games? Now how is the individual life of the gamers effected by not having the games they use to relieve stress?

    Don’t bother answering the questions. those are for the 5 other people who will read our stupid rants.

  8. Jesus Christ… another person who has never been put in a combat situation bitching about how bad the people in combat situations are… are they following a completely idiotic cause? yes. are they doing what they signed up to do because not doing it means being stamped “Traitor” and hanged publicly? yes. are there bad people in the world? yes. i hope you sleep fucking beautifully at night knowing that the country you live in, that allows you to bitch about it, was founded on the very blood you see in the pictures of war that get passed around like candy. you say you’re happy the four Blackwater employees were killed, two of which had landed there only hours before for the first time, but i say we’ll be happy when our country is invaded, and you, our “talking heads” are finally removed from the body so the rest of us can take action. sit on your ass and criticize those who die for you. thats what they’re there for.

  9. Our country WAS invaded. By the British, 400 years ago. Now they’re doing to Iraq and Afghanistan the same thing.

    And they don’t fight for freedom of speech HERE any more than they do in Iraq.
    Blackwater are murdering pukes. They demonstrate that constantly. That’s the nature of what you’re “fighting for” and it has absolutely nothing to do with protecting our nation, our rights or our freedoms. It expands the power of the same core group of humans who run the Corporations like Blackwater and Halliburton to do as they want with any human life anywhere in the world.

    Your AlliesAccomplices Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have already BOASTED that’s the real objective.

    Ura, you don’t give any more of a Rat’s Ass for Americans than you do Iraqis, so you should really at the very least stop pretending. Your Blackwater THUGS are destroying the very moral fiber of America, any that we had left. Degrading it through every act of Murder and Torture and Pillage and Rape that you commit. All in OUR name and demanding that WE simply acquiesce to your use of OUR name to excuse your evil and abominable actions.

    The owner of Blackwater, Erik Prince, goes so far as to use the name of GOD to excuse breaking the basic laws of GOD. So does George Bush, still, even though he’s no longer Commander in Thief. You don’t own Iraq, you don’t own Afghanistan and you don’t own America either.

    You should grow enough balls to at least admit that you’re not fighting for “freedom” or for “America”. You’re committing Terrorist Acts of Murder in order to steal from people in other countries, and all your LIES about fighting for “freedom” are the pathetic squeakings of a lap-dog saying exactly what his masters tell him to say.

    Maybe one day you’ll have courage.

  10. Another war-monger barkingBITCHING because people don’t immediately give the Bellamy Salute undt mach mit der Sieg Heil! in Subservient Gratitude that he or the people he praises would kill PEOPLE in foreign lands in order to take their possessions for his Wonderful Corporate Masters.
    Alle Sieg Heil am der UnterFührer Ura! Heil! Heil! Heil!
    Alle Sieg Heil am der ÜberFührer Erik Prince! Heil! Heil! Heil!

  11. My apologies for poorly constructed German sentences, to any people who actually SPEAK or read and write German.
    The picture linked, that actually IS a real picture of REAL American schoolchildren saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag using the salute prescribed by the author Francis Bellamy.

  12. Oh, and Ura, I HAVE been in combat, against officers of YOUR government, in defense of the freedom you and They LIE about having “given” me. Not a single official of YOUR government including military EVER took a stand in defense of those actions.

    That’s not “bitching and whining”, punk. It’s stating the fact that your LIES about fighting for freedom are LIES and the people who tell those LIES are properly called LIARS.

    It’s amazing that the ones who won’t take a stand FOR freedom of speech, on a real and personal level, also won’t take a stand AGAINST it, at least not in a personal physical sense. They claim they don’t have any Moral or Legal objections to beating somebody or arresting them or both for using the “freedom of speech” they claim they fought for. More of their LIES I guess. Can’t back their shit up so they talk about Freedom to make themselves look good while they’re backing their shit down.

    They’re usually overly content to call in their Local Gestapo to do their fighting for them. Even the Marines in our midst take that cowardly route. OO-RAH!

    Three words: Semper… Fi… Bitch…

  13. here is an interesting thought, if this so-called “new world order”, is so evil, and if people really were branded as traitors and killed for not doing the so-called “new world order’s” bidding?… how come your still alive to speak out against them?

  14. If the Terrorist Muslim United Nations New World Order you Right Wing freaks whine so much about is so dangerous, how come YOUR cowardly weakling ass isn’t dead yet?

    If the Nazis were so terrible, why wasn’t everybody in Germany rounded up and shot or sent to the Camps and gassed?

    If Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were such evil dictatorships, why are there people still alive in their countries?

    If close to 7,000 U.S. soldiers were killed and more were severely wounded, accomplishing the conquest of Iraq (including Fallujah) and Afghanistan for your “new” World Satanic Order, why then are there still soldiers who haven’t been killed or wounded?

    If the supporters of the Taliban and Saddam were such tiny minorities in their own countries, why then weren’t they immediately identified and killed by their own countrymen once they had the backing of your “new” World Satanic Order StormTroopers?

    If World War 2, as your Right Wing buddies suggest, ended Nazism and Fascism, why do fascist pricks like yourself still exist?

    Meanwhile, your “troops” shot a ninety-two year old grandfather to death, 25 shots, because he was deaf and arthritic and unable to hear or comply with the orders of your StormTroopers.
    When his grandchildren, outside in the courtyard Blindfolded and bound hand and foot, pleaded with YOUR StormTroopers, explaining that Pap-Paw was deaf and asked the StormTroopers permission to wake him up the COWARD ASS MARINE OR SPECIAL FORCES “HEROES” KICKED THE KIDS IN THEIR BLINDFOLDED FACES.

    Then there was Alyanna Jones, age 7, shot through the walls of her home, and the Detroit Police Department Death Squad lied and said it happened inside the house, and blamed it on her grandmother. Even though they were taking videos of themselves shooting into the house.

    Briseña Flores age 9, Arivaca Arizona, the Coward Ass Minutemen who consider themselves, WITH THE CONSENT OF THE BORDER PATROL AND THE ARIZONA POLICE AGENCIES to be a civilian auxiliary of the Police, murdered her and her father after first gaining entrance to their home disguised as Police, with a fake search warrant, in an attempt to rob them, mostly based on their stereotype of any “mex” who had a house of his own must be a Dope Dealer.

    The Arizona Cops and so-called “justice” system are trying really hard to get the killers off. With of course the Deniers such as your Noble Self, who say such things don’t happen.

    Then there WAS Oscar Grant, murdered by a Cowardly Oakland Ca PIG, when his PIG buddies already had forced Oscar Grant to lay face down on the pavement the Triggerman shot him in the back.

    And, again, thanks to Deniers and Defenders of the Police State such as YOU, the PIG who shot him got away with it, just like the Detroit PIGS will undoubtedly get away with murdering young Alyanna and the COWARD THUGS who murdered the ninety-two year old grandfather in his bed for not being physically able to get up and grovel to them will also get away with THEIR War Crimes, thanks to Jerkoff Pukes like yourself who are too Fucking Cowardly to question the propaganda your leaders spoon-feed you.

    Just like the vast majority of the Concentration Camp guards got away with their crimes. You don’t like being compared to Nazis, I’m sure, because so many of you titty-baby Right Wing Freaks have whined about it on so many occasions. Too damn bad.

    So what was your retarded comment about your StormTroopers not killing anybody, bitch?

    Now I don’t expect an admission of your mistake, nor do I expect an apology and quite frankly, I don’t really want one.

    What I expect, really, is that some of you Right Wing Titty Baby Back The Badge MORONS are going to complain that I called you a few names, rather than the real reason for your anger and spite. Which isn’t that your PIGS both in the Police and the Military DO Murder people, even AMERICANS, for no crime other than being in their Imperial Way. It’s because the Fact Gets Told, and more people every day are realizing the truth, rather than your LIES.

    Go back to your retarded little RPG.

  15. to be perfectly honest with you, i am not afraid of the new world order or the UN, however extremist islam, is in fact rather dangerous, tensions between islam and in my case, christianity goes back a LONG way, back to the crusades at the least (i am not saying the cusades were good, because they were more than quite a bit unnecessary)

    the reason i am not dead yet is because i live in an area of the united states that has a particularly low muslim population, and as you said, the extremists are indeed, a minority of the muslim population, so i do not have reason to worry about extremist muslims as of now, in fact i have a few peers who are muslims, and they are very kind and respectable people and i have had no problems with them yet

    now to the point about the nazis, the reason why it was not everybody who was killed was because the leadership of the nazi party selected certain people to massacre, in particular, jews, people with disabilities, gypsies, homosexuals, and other groups of people, who in fact were rounded up, shot, gassed and sent to camps, my grandfather had family in poland when the nazis were commiting their crimes

    saddam was evil, he invaded an innocent country, and gassed his own people, who again, were a specific group of people, the invasion of iraq

  16. (apologies, computrer is a little jittery lately)

    the invasion of iraq by the united states may have been unnecessary, but nevertheless saddam needed to go

    your part about the 7000 soldiers and the fact that soldiers arent still dead is because the united states doesnt deploy all of its military overseas, because we keep reserves in other areas

    the reason why the minorities supporting the taliban and saddam were so pwerful was because they took the initiative and forcefully made it clear to their people, “do what we say or we will silence you” then more people supported those leaderships out of simple fear of not dong so, which is also why extremist muslim minorities are so dangerous because they can scare the good muslims into doing their bidding for them, by threatening to kill their families, friends, etc. if they do not comply

    i find it interesting that you use the terms, ‘your “new” world satanic order’… ‘your “new” world satanic order’…. fascist pricks like yourself… you “troops”… your stormtroopers… and many others

    you imply that i have anything to do with your theoretical new world satanic order, or that i have the power to advocate or promote it, or perhaps you say YOU meaning people who think the way i do or share similar beliefs can advocate or promote the theoretical new world order

    you also heavily emphasize not just a new world order, but a new world SATANIC order, you imply that i am a follower of satan, which i can assure you is incorrect, i am proud roman catholic and i go to church frequently, and i come from a family that has a healthy respect for their religion

    you also make the point where you say in world war 2 right wing people said they ended naziism and fascism, if that was said then i believe they were very foolish to believe so, because there will always be some sort of fascist, and nazis exist even to this day

    now, i am not a fascist and i am in no way affiliated with a neo nazi group

    now i know nothing about your story about the gandfather and the kids, or perhaps you were just saying something to show what you believe is a possible scenario, now, my great grandfather was deaf, and i had the utmost respect for him, and my father has arthritis

    it is rather rude to call marines or special forces cowards, marines are “the first to fight” you can not call a person who is the first to enter combat, a coward, although they may be rather afraid to go into battle, and special forces train long and hard to go on high priority missions, it is not uncommon for a navy seal or a green beret to actually break bones while training, you can not call that a coward

    i must leave for now but i will adress your other points when i return

  17. alright, im back

    now, your point about the situation in arizona is completely unreasonable, and i have no doubt, based on your assumption that the people of arizona are racists who hate hispanics, (or latinos if that is the term you prefer), i have had very few encounters with racists in arizona, the state where i live, and the truth is that people who are racist usually dont get very far here in arizona, the majority of people here are part hispanic, including myself, as i am a quarter hispanic, where i am from, when people say, “oh hey, your candy has drugs in it i bet”, it is only said between friends who are making light of their race and is usually followed by another ethnic humor joke, which is taken with humor by the other person

    the majority of my good pals here are part if not full hispanic, and lets not forget that a LOT of the police here are hispanic themselves, my friends father was 100% mexican, and was a member of the border patrol, the the racism simply is not that grand here in arizona, not even close

    another point you make is the justice system, and saying that they are trying to get people out, the truth is, my father worked at a penitentiary, and he dealt with criminals of every race, every background, and some of the worst of crimes,

    now im sure you heard about the murder of an entire iraqi family in yusufiya, in which a 14 year old girl was raped, shot and burned with kerosene along with her parents and 6 year old sister, well, the man who was the ringleader of that group was sent to the penitentiary my father worked at, and ill let you know, nobody was trying to pull that savage man out of there, the people who commit these atrocities are very few, and they are punished severely

    now let me be honest, i do question the propaganda my leaders feed to me, but my leaders arent feeding me the same kind of propaganda that you refer to

    and let me be honest with you i dont like being compared to nazis because i am not related to any nazis, and i have never met one, i AM however, related to people who were killed in the holocaust, and i have actually been to the site of the auschwitz camp, and i remember being able to feel the evil that happened there,

    “So what was your [retarded] comment about your StormTroopers not killing anybody, bitch?”

    “Go back to your [retarded] little RPG.”

    you make points about racism against hispanics, but you yourself use words which are offensive towards people who suffer from mental retardation, which by the way i happen to be a friend to several people who suffer from autism, muscular dystrophy, fetal alchohol babies, downs syndrome, and i happen to be VERY close friends with a man who was born premature

    now back to your point of a fascist, new world satanic order, if we truly lived in a fascist state, lets compare america to mussolini’s italy

    in fascist italy, there would be loudspeakers blaring “believe, obey, fight”
    i dont seem to remember walking down the street, hearing “believe in the fascist world satanic order, obey the leaders of the glorious order, fight to expand the fascist order”

    in fascist italy, children would be members of the fascist youth, and be trained until they were old enough to be drafted into the military
    i have yet to see an obama youth, a bush youth, a reagan youth, a carter youth, and i also would like to point out that there is no mandatory military service plan in the united states

    in fascist italy, if you spoke out against the government you would be taken away from the population, killed, and never heard from again, if there truly was a fascist police state, you would have been gone, long ago

    my point? is that the mere fact that you are able to speak out against the this “new world order” is proof that it does not exist

  18. The United States gasses its “own people” routinely.
    Tear Gas is every bit as much forbidden chemical warfare as nerve gas.
    And it is known to be lethal to people with asthma, emphysema, the very old and the very young.

    The United States Government at the federal, state and local levels, has killed More Americans than all other forces combined.
    To support the continuance of the wars started by George W Bush, NOT by Saddam Hussein, based on the lies told by George W Bush and his Cowardly supporters, is to support what he, his father and his British counterparts Tony Blair and Gordon Brown called “the New World Order” and their allegations of what Saddam Hussein had done mirror what they have done, even more times.

    It is MORAL cowardice to support that.

    The Marines, in the case of Iraq, and Afghanistan, hide behind their GANG. They go into battle feeling they will prevail because they are Strong and Mighty, due to the size of the Military YOU ARE supporting with your propaganda here, and perhaps elsewhere, and that the people they are going to KILL are weak in comparison. Rather like saying that somebody who attacks only those weaker is him is “courageous”. “First to fight”? So the ones who attack those they consider weaker than themselves do it all the time.
    O, Brave Heroes they must be!

    By those standards the SchutzStaffel must be heroic as well. The SchutzStaffel who were the “first to fight” in Poland.
    I consider Murder to be quite a bit more rude than calling somebody a murderer, or a coward.

    Murder is also typically a Cowards act, whether the murderer commits the crime alone or as part of a Gang, such as an Army.
    The American Police State, being extended to Iraq under the pretext of LIES about Weapons of Mass Destruction, attacks people who are Disabled all the time. And the Elderly.
    And the REAL Man Oscar Grant who the Police State, an extension of the Army and Marine “heroes” who are exporting it around the world, MURDERED.
    In the articles to which the links point, are names, ages, locations of the deaths of the PEOPLE murdered by your Military Fascist Police State.
    The 92 year old man, I provided the links to it. Maybe you missed the blue lettering.

    The 9 year old American CHILD, Briseña Flores, not only a child, not only an American, but because of her ethnicity she was probably also a “good Catholic”. Until soldiers of your Emperor Bush murdered her. BECAUSE of her ethnicity, and in a large part her Catholic faith. She would have just had her confirmation, yes?

    Pope John Paul 2, also a Pole, like your grandfather and probably of his generation, was very definitely a Catholic. He refused to grant George Bush two very important blessings, findings of Just Cause for the war.

    The Irish Republic, a Nation which had been invaded and the people MURDERED, by sword and fire and hangman noose and Famine, forbidden in their own country to speak their own language and to follow their own Catholic faith, for FOUR CENTURIES, refused to join their British former oppressors into Iraq to bring the Iraqi people under the same subjugation.

    The people whose MURDERS are celebrated in the video game, weren’t fighting FOR Saddam Hussein, they were fighting AGAINST an unlawful Imperialist Invasion and occupation of THEIR country, THEIR homes are routinely invaded and the people in those homes shot if they resist, by the Operation Iraqi “freedom” soldiers you say it’s rude to criticize.

    That’s what happened to the 92 year old man in Afghanistan. The U.S. “liberators” forced their way into his home and MURDERED him in his bed.

    I pointed out in the article linked, that the Denver Police State Soldiers, who are, actually, according to the so-called “patriot” Act, a part of the War, Murdered a disabled man in HIS bed and charged his nephew with the murder, even though the nephew wasn’t even present, and the PIGS admitted shooting him.

    Alyanna Jones was 7 years old when the Detroit Police State Stormtroopers murdered her in her bed. She was black, which might not have been the ONLY reason they murdered her, but it is the reason they’re getting away with her Murder.

    The Police State soldiers and cops who you defend in your comment have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans just in the Civil War, more American PEOPLE in the Indian Wars, the “war on Drugs”, the Global War on Terror, Police actions such as killed Alyanna Jones and Briseña Flores,hundreds of times more Americans than were killed by “Islamists”, even if you counted those killed by Islamic people when they Invaded and are occupying the home countries of those Islamic PEOPLE.

    Such as what happened in Fallujah.

    Your leaders, who you obviously support while saying there’s “no way” you could possibly support them, are the ones who claim the moral imperative of killing PEOPLE not only in America but around the World.

    Now your leaders, who you say you can’t possibly support, or can’t possibly stand against, are preparing to attack Iran, another nation which has not attacked us nor does it pose any particular threat, but Your Leaders, the ones who decided FOR YOU that “Saddam Hussein had to go” and YOU are too morally and intellectually cowardly to question that assumption, have made the same assumption for the leaders of the PEOPLE of Iran. And the PEOPLE of North Korea, and the PEOPLE of China if the PEOPLE of China or their government object to wars and invasions and the enforced indoctrination of those nations which happen to border China.

    The removal of Saddam Hussein wasn’t because he was more or less evil than George Bush and his henchmen. It was done because they MAKE A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY from the conquests.

    Some of the worst offenders in that Money Making are the mercenary army of Blackwater Xe. The owner of that army, Erik Prince, also says that he is a “good” Catholic. His army, he calls them the New Knights Templars. Good Crusaders. Yep.
    You can see that on HIS website, perhaps you’d care to go there and criticize him for sullying the name of the Church and of God in such a manner?

    The massacre of the men and boys at Fallujah was done in revenge for the so-called “murders” of four of his Mercenary Killers, paid professional MURDERERS themselves. Good Catholics all, right? Taking up the Holy Sword against the infidel, only they kill Catholic Iraqis as well as Muslim Iraqis.

    They’ve taken up the sword, as have the “regular” United States Military, against the Iraqi people they say they’re avenging, you mentioned the Kurds who were killed by Saddam Hussein?

    The United States has killed MORE of the Kurds even without counting their continued backing of the nation of Turkey, using Jet Fighters, high explosives, machine guns, spies within the Kurdish nation, linked by hi-tech Computer networks, aimed at a people who are socially in the Bronze Age and technologically not far from it. Against Shepherds and Farmers and laborers.
    The United States Military you’re defending in all this, they used LOTS more Weapons of Mass Destruction against the Kurdish PEOPLE in Iraq and Turkey, and for decades. The bombs and bullets and executioners nooses kill them every bit as dead as though they were killed by gas.

    Speaking of which, the gas attack against the by soldiers of Saddam Hussein, who provided them, eh? Companies in the United States and Europe backed by and owned by, among other investors, the Bush and Cheney families. The Nerve Gas that was sold to Iraq with the full permission of the presidents of the United States Richard Milhouse Nixon, Gerald Ford, James Earl Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

    The George Bush jr Administration joked that they “knew” there was nerve gas

    “because we kept the receipts”

    But of course Saddam Hussein did all the evil without any help from them, right?

    You want to write Amoral Poetry in defense of Murder? We’ll let you. And we’ll refute your premise. Try doing a similar action on the websites which PROMOTE the war.

    Being a “good” Catholic doesn’t prevent one from Murder. Somoza was a “good” Catholic, the Nicaraguan Contras and their partners in the Cuba Libre Movement and the former Puppet Dictator of Panama, Manuel Noriega, who enabled them and enabled the also Good Catholics in the Medellin Cartel, and the Salvadoran Death Squads, and the New Puppet Dictator of Panama, and the New Puppet Dictator of Honduras, and the Existing Puppet Dictator of Costa Rica, and the Puppet Dictator of Guatemala… all Good Catholics. George Bush and Richard Cheney take the Holy Name of Christ in vain to justify each and every one of their evil deeds. So do the vast majority of their supporters.

    Why should I believe Their Lies or yours just because you SAY that you’re a “good Catholic”? If you say the rosary 9 times over each child murdered by the actions you say you don’t support, and then go right ahead and support… does that Baptize and sanctify those murders?

    Oh, Tariq Aziz, the Foreign Minister of Iraq under Hussein… he’s a “good Catholic” too.

    Taking the name of God as justification for evil doesn’t win any points with me. I know far too many evil people who say they’re Christians.

  19. For example: The Contras and their many Catholic accomplices. And so called “Christian” protestants like George Bush senior and junior and Ronald Reagan, also their accomplices.

    They cut a deal, using Oliver North as an intermediary, one of the “first to fight” Marines you say it’s rude to criticize. A deal with both the nations Iraq and Iran, separate weapons deals, to prolong the conflict between them. For no obvious reasons other than perhaps Profit? Anyway, one of Colonel Norths beneficiaries of this deal was a faction of a really disorganized group called Hizbollah. The faction used some of the weapons to kill United States Marines and French “peacekeepers” in two separate bombings in Beirut Lebanon. Yes, the “christian” Right Wing President and his henchmen, including both George Bushes, were responsible for killing United States Marines and made a profit from their deaths. The same way they profit from the death of Every person who dies in the current phase of their long For-Profit “global war on terror”.

    They then invaded the Nation of Grenada on the premise that the Cuban financed medical schools on that island were a Terroristic Threat to the American Medical Students who were there getting an education financed, again, by Cuba. But unlike the invasion by Iraq against the Emirate (a Hereditary Dictatorship, like a Kingdom, where the Dictator gets the job because his Daddy had the job… kind of like George W. Bush) of Kuwait that and the invasions by U.S. Paid mercenary forces in Nicaragua and Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere the U.S. Military and CIA extend their murderous Armed Might without the permission of the People… this one was called a “liberation”.

    Kind of like Hitler “Liberated” Poland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, …. you get the picture, yes?

    And this to keep trying to overthrow not only the democratically elected government of Grenada but also the democratically elected government of Nicaragua, and to keep the poison of Democracy from spreading throughout the Corporate Owned “banana republics” in the region.

    In Nicaragua the “good Catholic” Contras and Cuba Libre mercenaries in the pay of the “good christian” U.S. right wing, killed quite a lot of civilians. REAL civilians instead of the U.S. Mercenary Corps including Blackwater, like the “civilians” who were hanged on the bridge at Fallujah, or the “civilian” Military Instructors who were killed at a firing range in Afghanistan last month.

    Some of the Civilians killed were Americans, and guess what? Catholic. As in priests, nuns, teachers and doctors at Church run schools, hospitals and even an orphanage in Nicaragua.

    I point that out because the Contras and the Bush Administration “global war on terror” and Blackwater are associates, accomplices, or in the right wing Parlance when they discuss Socialists, Communists and anybody who isn’t rabidly hating Socialists and Communists, “Fellow Travelers”.

    And their soldiers are paid from the same bank accounts.
    But they’re very Good Catholics, yes?

    See, I’m Protestant. I grew up in a Catholic city, El Paso Texas. And I got a full dose of Anti-Catholic hate speech from some of my Protestant associates. And in order to study the Anti-Catholic rhetoric I studied a little tiny bit of Catholic theology. With which I don’t have to agree any more than I have to agree with, say, Pastor Fred Phelps who is of my own denomination, a Baptist. Like you, he’s a supporter of Killing Muslims. Does that make both of you accomplices?

    Such as you say about Saddam Hussein, who was under a fatwah Death Sentence by the clerics who are supposed to be responsible for the World Trade Center attacks.

    Supposedly the reasons why he “had to be removed” included the fantasy that he was in league with Osama bin Laden. That and the already disproved AT THE TIME WMDs allegation.

    If you take as your source Liars such as George W Bush and his friends, and consider them a valid source because they’re “good Christians” or whatever other reason you would have for trusting the word of Known Liars, in the face of huge amounts of evidence that contradicts them, why should I or anybody else take that assertion seriously?

    Oh, and another thing, the Liars in the Family Bush….
    They made a lot of money in their banking business laundering money, for the Nazis. After the invasion of Poland. After the first Concentration Camps were opened. (in Poland) Even while the German Navy was sinking American Merchant ships without a declaration of War.

    Here’s another fascinating little bit, they also make money from a shipping insurance company. Not only did they through that insurance company make money from the Slave Trafficking into America, denying Liberty to Human Beings born to the forced Immigrants on board those ships, denying them that Liberty even (the children born on board the ships and born into slavery here) though they would be more than just technically American Citizens.

    They also made money insuring ships in the American Merchant Marine during World War 2, including those which, like the Reuben James, sunk in American coastal waters, were sunk before the United States entered the war.

    Making money from all sides in a War is nothing new to them.

    But they’re of course “good Christians” so that excuses all.

  20. my comment about me being a good christian had nothing to do with justifying the actions of anyone, allow me to show you again

    you also heavily emphasize not just a new world order, but a new world SATANIC order, you imply that i am a follower of satan, which i can assure you is incorrect, i am proud roman catholic and i go to church frequently, and i come from a family that has a healthy respect for their religion

    see? i say nothing about jusitifying anyones actions i only address your unnecesary use of the word SATANIC to imply that i follow satan

  21. now instead of making references to the us and fascist nations, how about you explain why you havent been silenced like so many others that you speak of,

    if the us military and the us police force can kill as they please why arent you dead yet?

  22. I call it Satanic because it IS. Remember in the Temptations of Christ, the last one? In the King James Version it’s put like this:
    And the Devil, yet tempting Him, taketh Him to an high mountain apart, and in a moment of time sheweth Him all the kingdoms of the world, and sayeth “All these will I give Thee, if Thou wilt bow before me, for Mine they are, and to whom I will I give them, and the glory thereof”

    Notice, if you will, that Jesus never said “You’re lying, the kings of the earth don’t belong to you”. He merely rebukes Satan with the scripture “the Lord thy god is One God” a variant thereof, “and Him, only, shalt thou serve”

    That’s ALL the kingdoms, including the United States.

    People often do use the Christian angle, especially when they’re justifying violence against Muslim or Jewish people.

    When I throw the word “retard” at the Right Wing it’s because I’ve become so very weary of them using it against me. I’m “high functioning” Autistic, as diagnosed when I was 6. Now the diagnosis is “Asperger’s Syndrome”.

    I write much better than I speak, and some people make the mistake of assuming me to be either mentally retarded or mentally ill because of my speech skills. I speak 3 languages but none “fluently”.

    The Minutemen are definitely Racist, and, yes, there are a LOT of people of Indian ancestry in Arizona. Most of those with Spanish names are Native Americans. Just as I have a Jewish first name, an European surname, and a lot of Indian ancestry and relatives. That’s one of the very stupid things about racist assumptions.

    And, even though there are so many Native American Indians in Arizona, racism does flourish there. Also here. And in Texas.
    The Arizona cops have demonstrated their hatred of Indians in particular for a century and a half. And cops never ask the permission of the people they allegedly “protect and serve”.

    If you were to go to South Oak Cliff, Dallas… the majority of the people there are descendants of African slaves. Vast majority of them. But the logic you put forth would have it that Racism doesn’t exist in the Dallas Police Department. Or that they would never kill somebody for being black.

    The same with Oakland California, where the largest single group in town are African Americans. And the police made an African American man lay down on the pavement then shot him. in the back, and the cop who murdered him was let off.
    Somehow putting his gun to the mans back and firing is an “accident”. That man had a name. Oscar Grant.
    The cop might not have killed Oscar Grant because of his skin color, but definitely, whatever other reason, was the satanic assumption that he was so much better than another human being that the PERSON deserved to die for not bowing and worshiping the Cop. And the race of the victim DID have an effect on outcome of the trial.

    Following Satan isn’t just bowing before him, offering burnt offerings or making overt displays of actual love for him.

    Championing War is one aspect of it. The idolatrous worship of Money is another. Lying is another. Arrogance, which is worship of the Self, and again idolatry. Theft is another.

    In the case of the Bush cartel in particular, they charged Saddam Hussein with a crime. One which they knew very well to be false. That’s “Bearing False Witness”. They did it, as Ahab and Jezebel did, to take the lands and possessions of not just one person, but a whole nation. Several in fact but in particular Iraq. That’s Theft. Not only did they seize those lands through the use of Lies, they also took many lives doing so. That’s Murder. In pursuit of a Graven Image, which they even call the Almighty. Idol Worship and Graven Images… They dishonor the households of their parents, through their thefts, lies, murders, idolatry, blasphemy… hardly “honor thy mother and thy father” c’est-ça? Do you doubt that they also put Adultery in there as well?
    And since they’ll do the Other Nine on a Saturday, that gives them a Perfect Score on God’s Top Ten No-no list.

    Judging by Bible standards, if you commit the crime of Perjury, False Witness, then you owe back tenfold of everything you gain by lying, convicting a person of a crime based on false evidence.

    Saddam Hussein was killed on the basis of those Lies. They could each only give his own life in payment.

    Justifying it through the use of an amoral statement that they didn’t care that the statements they had made were false, that’s arrogance. How are they better than Saddam in any of this? Not at all.

    Certainly not superior enough to him or to his countrymen to dare assume that they could have a RIGHT to rule over Iraq. Or any other place. They can’t even rule their own souls yet they want to rule the World? And George Bush and friends, that IS their goal, often stated. They call it “The Project for the New American Century” in which they believe that they, as arrogantly self-anointed leaders of America, have not only the Right but the Duty to reign over all the earth.

    And the episode of Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t anywhere near the beginning nor the end of their crimes.

    Yes, they ARE satanic even if they don’t publicly worship him or pray to him.

    They worship him with their deeds. When they worship Satan and call themselves Christian they’re taking the name of God in vain. There are more than the Ten Commandments. The ones concerning Blasphemy take up two chapters of Leviticus.

    They’ve brought America to the edge of Destruction as a nation and many believe, over that edge.

    This game, the one the blog post is about, celebrates that blasphemy, that treason, those murders and thefts and Arrogance. The publishers of the game mock every human being who has been killed or impoverished by the war. And the people who play the “game” think it no consequence.

    Fantasizing murder, killing people, is of no consequence? Since when?
    Participating in it, supporting that mass murder, no consequence?

    Satanic. The term fits, thus, the term stands.

    I’m often called a traitor, for standing against the war. For telling the Truth rather than believing and repeating the Lies of the Bush Cartel. By people who believe that Treason is properly punished by death.

    People who would willingly kill their fellow Americans for disagreeing with them. That’s Patriotism? No. It’s treason. And Satanic Murderous hatred.

    It has no place being wrapped either in the label Patriot or Christian.

  23. you have made a very excellent arguement brother jonah,

    this is what i believe,

    i do agree, that the US has done very wrong things in the past, and to this day still does some bad things

    many kingdoms of the world have been corrupted, including the US

    i have done wrong things in my own past, just as most humans have done, i have never attempted to justify them by refering to myself as a good christian, and i apologize if that was the impression i left on you, in fact there are a few things i have done that i deeply regret and i do not justify them at all, because they arent things i can justify

    i feel sorry for you because of the people who threw the word retard at you, at my school, we had at least a dozen children with downs syndrome, at least 3 with fetal alchohol syndrome, and even one with tourettes, a few kids were rude enough to insult them, i was not among that crowd, and i even befriended a few of the kids with the problems

    if the minutemen are racist then i am not of that group, i see no problem with a man who is hispanic, or white, or black, or asian, or middle eastern, many of my friends here in arizona are among the last 3 groups

    yes, there are racist people here in arizona just as there are racists all over the world, however, racism is not as strong as people would believe, and yes there are incidents of people being killed based on race, and they still happen far too often,

    the problem i have to deal with, is that because i appear white, it is too often assumed that i am racist, and so i am often treated wrongly based on my color, what im trying to say is, around here, i have had more experience with people who are non-white being actually racist against white people, than the other way around, BUT that is not to say that there are not white people around here who are racist, because there are, but, they usually do not have very many friends, and do not get very far

    and there are people who take things too far, i dont think that we should be killing innocent people trying to cross the border, but i do not think we should be just letting them across, BUT yes there are people who take an idea and take it too far, and that is people get killed

    now in my home i posses one firearm, i use it for hunting, and i have it ready for self-defence, (i am glad to say i have never had touse it for the latter) if a man broke into my house threatening my family, i would use that weapon on them wether they are white, black, hispanic, asian, or middle eastern

    the problem is that, if, for example, a hispanic man broke into my house with a gun in his hand, and i shot him because he was pointing it at me, people would automatically do the math like

    [white man+gun+dead hispanic man=RACIST]

    and they most likely wouldnt take the time to consider that half of my family is hispanic, or that the hispanic man was pointing a gun at me, that is the problem i have to deal with, is that there are more people who are actually prejudiced against whites

    i believe that saddam hussein should have been removed because he was an evil man, and he did gas and kill his own people

    i do believe that the continued war in iraq was unnecessary, and unjustified

    i do not believe that a new world order exists, but i will not continue to try to convince you that it doesnt in this debate, because you may believe what you would like to because that is your freedom

    i enjoyed the debate i had with you brother jonah, it was well made, and you had good facts to support your own arguements, which is something many people who believe the same things you do fail to do,


  24. speaking of Anti-immigrant bigotry, which is just another way of people telling Others how much superior their own “culture” is to the Others… Here in Colorado and especially in Colorado Springs there’s a wellspring of anti-Polish immigrant bigotry bubbling up. It’s really the “old” world order, nothing changes but the current target for oppression.

    To illustrate, there’s a spate of “soft” bigotry going on about the Motel trade here on the West Side and the small town up the mountain from us, Manitou Springs.

    There are quite a few recent immigrants, like in the past decade, from Poland and Korea. They’ve left their homelands, come here to start new lives, bought property… they’re in fact Americans.

    But the non-Korean and non-Polish motel owners are putting signs up in the windows of their establishments “American Owned” as though the distinction should really make a difference.

    One of those bought by the new Citizens is the Buffalo Lodge on the verge between Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods. Very historic because of Theodore Roosevelt, when he refused to shoot a staked out photo-opportunity Black Bear cub, if I have the story right, he was staying in Manitou. Most of the “American” owned motels have a No-Pets rule. Among other inhospitable restrictions.

    This is of course only an offshoot, Racism and Culturism both assume that one culture or one sub-set of the world Family is better than the others.

    To me, that’s something that didn’t actually cause the war in Iraq… but it IS used to inflame the passions of those who are courted to go and fight the war. And to the very necessary set of people in the “homeland” who will support the expenditure in money, blood and national honor to keep the war going.

    That “Saddam had to go” is too simple, so they had to invent reasons that sounded better and less arrogant. A large line was crossed there, it’s not a line that people can’t see. The simple boundary between good and evil, perhaps. Saddam would have been as old as my grandfathers age at death, if he had been permitted to live until now. His sons might have been brutes, savage even, but they probably didn’t have what it would take to hold a deeply divided nation together.

    Saddam would have been taken out by God, in other words.
    The ones who made the decision for him to be taken out, are not in any position of moral superiority. Their record is just as shameful as his if not more so. Their actions in starting the war were just a small part of what they’ve been doing not just for generations, but centuries.

    They’ll continue til doomsday. The thing is, we’re obligated to oppose them for as long as they do. Who knows, maybe one or more will actually repent. It’s a possibility always.

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